The secret to success.

Sharing skills

Verve CIC work within our Armed Forces Veterans community by sharing skills to create solutions for problems.

Staying focused

Verve CIC adapts and focus on collaboration within both Not for Profit and Corporate Business to provide sustainable business solutions. Together, we create a substantial impact for change.

We Understand Rainbows.

Most importantly, we know, that many sectors of our society need support more than ever before. We watched as our children guided us when we need it most. Now we must guide them. Do you remember the rainbows? 

Our success so far…

Foster care/ Supported Lodgings enquiries.
Amazing Ladies who kindly donate time and support to knit for our Knitting campaigns.
Not for Profit Charities we support in our communities.
Knitted toys we donate to foster children included in their welcome packs with Charities.
Bereavement Blankets, knitted Hearts and teddies supporting families affected by COVID
Knitted baby clothes, blankets and toys donated to local Surestart centres and Not for Profit Charities supporting Mum’s and their babies.

Recruiting foster carers

We have successfully recruited foster carers for Not for Profit Charities . These foster carers have valuable experience in caring for vulnerable children and meet the needs of the children in their care. Our foster carers now provide sibling foster care, emergency and short-term care, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, and mother and baby foster care for the Not for Profit’s we proudly represent. Also, we have recruited foster carers who provide Step Down foster care and most importantly, give older children and teenagers a safe and loving home.

Recruiting kind hearted people

The campaigns we create either as blogs or on Social media represent the needs of our community today. The campaigns enable me to recruit people passionate about making a difference. Whether they are interested in fostering with a Not for Profit organisation or helping Armed Forces Veterans who support Ukraine, they make a difference with kindness and integrity. They are the ‘Ladies who Knit’ and create hearts, teddies, and bereavement blankets for Salford Royal NHS and knitted toys for foster care children. These people are motivated to make a change in our community; they are people who care.

Recruiting for change

Poverty is one of the reasons why children are in care. Sadly, many families are struggling, and many of the support networks have gone. Many in our communities are now vulnerable; this vulnerability grows as debts grow and mental health problems increase. It shouldn’t be this way. Thankfully, Not for Profit and community groups have networked together to provide much-needed help. These organisations are fast becoming the backbone of our communities and driven by people who care. Collectively, they offer a strong support network for vulnerable people with a loving heart and the most profound integrity. They understand the world we live in today and the problems families face; more importantly, they don’t judge.

Recruiting to advocate

The organisation’s Verve CIC recruit within the Not for Profit and community groups are highly skilled and respected advocates for change. These people also bring a wealth of skills and expertise that many Not for Profits need but can’t afford. Without these vital skills and experience, sadly, many organisations become limited in the support they bring to vulnerable people in our communities. Therefore, many Not for Profit charities and community groups draw on support from within the corporate sector, and by sharing skills, communities flourish.

Recruiting to motivate change

We have lived with 12 years of austerity, and it has taken its toll, as many more people are becoming vulnerable. Sharing vital skills and experiences from all sectors within our community enables us to have a stronger support network. We are aware of the problems faced by our Local Authorities; subsequently, many Not for Profit Charities and community groups have united together. They are now a network behind our Local Authority of support for our communities. More importantly, these people are motivated by the desire for change for families and children in our community.

Recruiting ‘those who just know’

We have survived 12 years of austerity and a worldwide pandemic and met challenges we never expected or saw coming. We weren’t the only ones who met with changes. Our children have had to live with change, yet they continue to lead the way with the simplest gestures. Our children have quietly led the way during the pandemic, and for many children, it brought them closer to their families. Sadly, other children were not as lucky and became invisible to support services; as a result, they became vulnerable. Verve CIC recruit foster carers who ‘just know’ and have inherent empathy and caring skills and advocate for our children’s futures. Our children deserve to have their voices heard, after all, they led us through a pandemic. Who remembers the rainbows?

Did you know the most in-demand types of foster care are…

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children need safe & loving homes. Can you foster?

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking foster carers are making a huge difference in the lives of many children who have arrived in the UK. Often, Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking children have suffered significant trauma as they travel to the UK to escape the impact of war or persecution in their homelands. Sadly, they have often left families who loved them; many paid to get the children out of the country to keep them safe. More importantly, these children understand the importance of family life, and their trauma is significant.

Are you looking for information on fostering? Maybe, these can help you to decide…

Short-term & Emergency Foster care is the difference children need.

Child abuse is the highest reason for children in care.

Step Down Foster care is the difference children need.

Poverty -now the highest reason for  children being taken into care.

Verve CIC create campaigns that make a difference.

Salford Food Parcels – A lifeline for people in poverty.

Salford Food Parcels is a community project run by Verve Ambassador, Yvonne & her husband Martin Simms.  The food parcels are a lifeline for people in poverty and our campaign enabled vulnerable families to get emergency food without judgement. 


Knitted toys for children often mean a hug from a little best friend. A friend who will always stay with you and never run out of hugs and cuddles when children need them most. More importantly, these knitted toys are made with love from ladies who knit, and so begins another campaign, Verve Recruitment CIC ‘ Knitting Toys for Children in Care’ campaign. We now have knitted toys included in the welcome boxes that children receive when they go to their new foster homes; because cuddles matter and help them settle. 

Knitting Baby Clothes Campaign

The Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal began in the first lockdown as Charity shops, the usual source of wool for Mum’s on a budget, was closed. We asked if people could knit baby clothes to help Mums and their babies to keep warm, the response was, and still is, amazing. Thanks to the generosity of ladies who have knitted for us, we have donated beautiful, hand-knitted baby clothes and blankets to local Sure Start Centres and Mother & Baby units in our community.

Bereavement Blankets, hearts and teddies Campaign.

The Bereavement Blankets, Hearts and Teddies Appeal directly helped people and families affected by Covid. The Swan team at SRFT NHS Trust provide comfort and support with Bereavement blankets, knitted hearts and teddies. However, the demand for these items grew as the pandemic gripped, and the knitters came out again to support those in need. Once again, the ladies who knit came out in force, bringing comfort from kindness, when it’s needed most. Thank you, ladies, you are lovely. 

Verve CIC recruit Foster Carers who make a difference…

Having fostered young people previously said part of a couple, I knew it’s what I did. And needed to again, but as a single parent, I also knew what I wanted from a fostering agency and what I didn’t. I contacted Verve, and I discussed things, and she recommended a charity based agency. After a lot of hurdles, I finally got approved again. Not all agencies are the same, and it’s about finding the one most suitable for you and your needs, which Val at Verve has done xxx

Joanne Mills

A leaflet had been posted through my door from Verve Recruitment. The flyer said that Verve recruits foster carers only for Not for Profit fostering charities, which immediately grabbed my attention. I wanted my fostering journey to be about the children and young people, not about who benefits financially. I telephoned Val, and I immediately knew from talking with her that now was the ‘right time’ and the ‘right people’ for me to embark on my journey.


Verve recruitment agency is a very supportive service for carers! It was the start of our fostering journey, and Verve provided us with invaluable advice and guidance about fostering agencies out there. We haven’t looked back since!

Because of Verve, we were able to choose a non-profit fostering agency, and this has been the best decision we could have made.

Sobia & Akmal

I contacted Val through a Facebook campaign. I was impressed that she only used the charitable foster agencies/charitable purposes. She did this because they thought about placements and matching rather than “Beds for Heads. Also, the recruitment process was lovely, like talking to a friend, chatting to see if fostering, is something that you’re looking to do now. When that’s done, Verve looks for the agency that will best fit your situation, wants, area, and who can best support you.


Verve CIC – Our Testimonials…

Val has been supporting us with recruiting new foster carers at Caritas Care for the last two years; her support has been much valued. Some of the enquirers referred by Val are now approved foster carers and much-welcomed addition to the Caritas Care family, providing an outstanding job caring for children.

Val has also prepared case studies for us of existing foster carers, staff, and a care leaver to be used for marketing our agency. Val does an excellent job of this, ensuring the individuals feel their voice is heard and communicated and comfortable with the content presented.

The #facesoffostering campaign has been one of our most successful campaigns to date, and we are very grateful for Val’s significant contribution.

Rebecca Hughes

Caritas Care

‘When we receive an enquiry from Verve, they are detailed and give us a good understanding of the desires and experience of the applicants. I get a real sense that we are all working towards the same goal.’

‘Val listens to our needs as an agency and shows a good understanding of the independent fostering sector. She is knowledgeable and friendly, which makes working with her a positive experience.’

Helen Underwood

Operations Manager, South –  The Foster Care C0-Operative

Thank you so much for your donation of knitted clothes to the community centre. We will ensure these go out to families who need them in the area. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Higher Folds Community Centre & Nursery

Our paths crossed with Val at a perfect point where two charities could work together to support families who use our hospitals within the NCA. Val has been so flexible and supportive to our service (swan charity within the NCA) and has helped us considerably to be able to continue to provide a universal offer to all families of the use of knitted hearts and bears with children and adults where someone in their lives is sick, dying or sadly died.

The idea being, knitted hearts or bears are identical pairs; one is with the family and one with the person who died; this creates a link between them. In the early days following a death, comfort can come from just holding the bear/heart, knowing they have a link to the person (where they can talk to it, squeeze it, hug it, whatever helps), as time and their grief evolve the meaning and importance of this item may change and evolve.

During the height of Covid, these items were significant for all our patients as people could not visit, but ongoing they are still important and really helpful for families to create comfort. Val has totally embraced and understood what we are trying to achieve. With her enthusiasm, she is helping us to keep this going and reinvigorate the passion for people to support this campaign, especially when we are all a little ‘Covid tired’. Val is so caring and has a passion for people and their wellbeing.

Lisa Jones

Swan Bereavement Nurse & Trainer for Children & Families –  Salford Royal NHS Trust

Val is extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I have found Val always makes time for people and really wants to find an agency that is the right fit for the prospective foster carer she is speaking to. Val goes the extra mile wants to ensure vulnerable children are matched with the right home. I have really enjoyed working with Val over the last year, and I’m sure this will continue to be the case for a long time.

Louise Thwaites

Fostering Recruitment Manager –  Team Fostering

‘My name is Jasmin, Founder & CEO of Women with Wings C.I.C. I met Val from Verve Recruitment three years ago at an event in Manchester. We spoke and connected together due to the nature of our work, which is supporting families in our community. Our organisation supports women and their families to improve lives; during the pandemic, we supported these families with food essentials, care products, and baby essentials. During those times, Verve has supported our organisation by providing children’s clothes as well as knitted items such as Baby clothes, baby blankets, cardigans, socks, hats and gloves for new babies and grown children and other items. The ladies we support gratefully received these items, and they helped them a lot during wintertime.

Also, Verve Recruitment helped to raise awareness of the Diaspora Food Parcel Project by creating a social campaign. This campaign increased our members through Food Parcels, which meant we could support many more families throughout Greater Manchester.

We are still supporting each other through our work, and our connection is growing stronger and stronger. We at Women with Wings are grateful and appreciate all the help and support we have received and continue to receive.’   


CEO – Women with Wings CIC.

I have received a lot of help from Verve Recruitment and the links from the Verve blogs. I met Val Hogan at a conference in 2019, and since then, we have had an active friendship and partnership. I totally support Vere Recruitment in all it does to provide quality foster care for vulnerable children. Through Verve, I have made links with other like-minded charities; subsequently, we have been able to work together for the good of families.

We have had help from a wide area to knit for the deprived children and babies; this campaign continues to provide warm clothing for them. We also supply through these blogs Bonding blankets for premature babies and mums, bereavement blanks and comfort hearts and toys for those dying or the bereaved families, comfort toys for fostered children.

Also, Salford Food Parcels provide food and essentials; we had received cries for help when Verve published the blogs, for Salford Food Parcels. Our public profile has gone up, and through this campaign, we have been able to help those in need or direct them to get help.

Networking is vital in local charities, and Verve helps Not for Profit’s link to each other, and we can promote many other projects via these blogs.

I have received so much help, even when I am just mulling over things with Val Hogan, Verve’s director; I recommend Verve in all its aspects to you.

Yvonne Simms

Salford Food Parcels /Holiday Hunger Project & Verve Recruitment Ambassador

 ‘Not for Profit’ Charities we support…

Salford Veterans Community Centre CIC

Salford Food Parcels

Women with Wings CIC.

Contact Verve CIC

If you want to chat about fostering with a Not for Profit, or find out more about what we do, get in touch!



Can you foster?The most in-demand types of foster care are Sibling foster carers & Mother & Baby foster carers to keep families together. Most importantly, we need foster carers to support older children and teenagers, and with your help, create better futures.