‘I believe that in foster care recruitment there is another way, and that way is the ‘Not for Profit’ way…’

Verve is an Independent Foster Care Recruitment company with a charitable purpose; every penny profit we make is invested into the articles and campaigns we use to recruit foster carers who can make a difference for children in care.

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‘We need foster carers to take a chance on older children in care and help them to achieve their dreams…’

Over 38% of children in the care system are older children and teenagers. Sadly, they are the most challenging age range of children of which foster carers seem willing to take.

At some point in our lives, we all had people who took a chance on us, even when we didn’t want it, but they knew, and they carried on. Thank God they did because often they saw something in us, and with their guidance, they steered us in the right direction. Ultimately, they knew the path we were heading, and it wasn’t for us. The reason they knew? Simply, they had, at some time been on this path themselves and thus, their experience is invaluable to a young person.

Our Government has made it law that they will still support children in care after 16 years of age in regulated accommodation. However, these 16-year-olds and over won’t receive care; thus, the onus is on the word care.

It’s a two-tier system they have created as children under 16 will have care support. But, it’s a different story once you are over 16 and not in education, work or training. Now more than ever, we need to reclaim our young people and take a chance on them; because now, they are more vulnerable than ever before.

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Our foster carers testimonials

‘A leaflet had been posted through my door from Verve Recruitment. The flyer said that Verve recruit foster carers only for Not for Profit fostering charities, and it immediately grabbed my attention. I wanted my fostering journey to be about the children and young people, not about who benefits financially. I telephoned Val, and I immediately knew from talking with her that now was the ‘right time’, and also with the ‘right people’ for me to embark on my journey’.


Verve recruitment agency is a very supportive service for carers! It was the start of our fostering journey, and Verve provided us with invaluable advice and guidance about fostering agencies out there. It was because of Verve that we were able to choose a non-profit fostering agency, and this has been the best decision we could have made. We haven’t looked back since!

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I contacted Val through a Facebook campaign, and I was impressed by the fact she only used the charitable foster agencies/charitable purpose. She did this because they thought about placements and matching rather than “Beds for Heads. ”The recruitment process was lovely, like talking to a friend, chatting to see if fostering, is something that you’re really looking to do now. When that’s done Verve looks for the agency who will be the best fit for your situation, wants and area and who can best support you.



You have questions? wE have answers.

Are you thinking about fostering and want to know a little bit more?

What’s the difference between a Not for Profit, an Independent Fostering Agency and my Local Authority?

Your Local Authority is where all children who are placed in care are with. They have their own teams of foster carers and wherever possible, they will place within their own teams. If they do not have the correct match of carer for the needs of the children they will look for agencies and charities who can provide this match for them. Independent Fostering Agencies are For Profit, and Not for Profit, are as the name suggests, Not for Profit.

If I want to foster babies and small children, what is the best agency for me?

If your preference is to fostering small children and babies, I would suggest that you contact your Local Authority. However, there is also another type of specialised foster carer that is very much in-demand. This type is called Parent and Child Foster care and here is the link on my website for more information https://ververecruitment.org/parent-and-child-foster-care/

Do you have to have experience in caring for children or be a parent yourself?

You will need experience of caring for children but not necessarily by being a parent yourself. Many foster carers are single people with no birth children; however, they have cared for children in their jobs. Others have supported siblings as they grew up or been in the care system themselves; subsequently, they have a strong understanding of children’s needs. Every foster carer is unique in their skills, just as every child is unique in their needs. Thus, matching foster carers to the children is the most crucial part of children’s successful placements.

How long does the process take?

On average, the process typically takes between 4- 8 months before becoming approved as a foster carer. This may be quicker in some agencies as they may speed the process through, and usually, others take longer. Training is now mostly done online. Most agencies will continue to do this after Coronavirus; therefore, this reduces the time for approval significantly.

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