‘I believe that in foster care recruitment there is another way, and that way is the ‘Not for Profit’ way…’

Verve is an Independent Foster Care Recruitment company with a charitable purpose. We are NOT a Fostering Agency. Every penny profit we make is invested back into articles and campaigns to recruit foster carers for Not for Profit agencies who make a positive difference for vulnerable children.

This week has been a good week. I began the campaign for Bereavement Blankets, Knitted Toys and Hearts on behalf of the Salford Royal NHS Trust SWAN team. Sadly, there is a growing demand as Coronavirus is taking hold; once again, the response has been fantastic. Thank you.

I am also proud to announce another foster carer was approved at panel this week with the Not for Profit Charity I referred her to. I am delighted; here’s what she had to say about Verve.

“Having fostered young people previously said part of a couple, I knew it’s what I did. And needed to again, but as a single parent, I also knew what I wanted from a fostering agency and what I didn’t. I contacted Verve, and I discussed things, and she recommended a charity based agency. After a lot of hurdles, I finally got approved again. Not all agencies are the same, and it’s about finding the one most suitable for you and your needs, which Val at Verve has done xxx “ Joanne Mills.

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Three years on, I am proud to say that Verve has approved foster carers with Not for Profit Charities and these foster carers are amazing people who are making a difference in vulnerable children’s lives.

I have loved working alongside each and every one of them; and I am proud to have connected them with a Not for Profit Charity that was the right match for them… 

‘A leaflet had been posted through my door from Verve Recruitment. The flyer said that Verve recruit foster carers only for Not for Profit fostering charities, and it immediately grabbed my attention. I wanted my fostering journey to be about the children and young people, not about who benefits financially. I telephoned Val, and I immediately knew from talking with her that now was the ‘right time’, and also with the ‘right people’ for me to embark on my journey’.


Verve recruitment agency is a very supportive service for carers! It was the start of our fostering journey, and Verve provided us with invaluable advice and guidance about fostering agencies out there. It was because of Verve that we were able to choose a non-profit fostering agency, and this has been the best decision we could have made. We haven’t looked back since!

Sobia and Akmal

I contacted Val through a Facebook campaign, and I was impressed by the fact she only used the charitable foster agencies/charitable purpose. She did this because they thought about placements and matching rather than “Beds for Heads. ”The recruitment process was lovely, like talking to a friend, chatting to see if fostering, is something that you’re really looking to do now. When that’s done Verve looks for the agency who will be the best fit for your situation, wants and area and who can best support you.


Not for Profit Charities we proudly represent…

Salford Veterans Community Centre CIC

Salford Food Parcels

Women with Wings CIC.

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Verve recruits foster carers for the Not for Profit sector. Every penny profit made is invested back into recruitment campaigns or to write articles to highlight vital campaigns for the charities we proudly represent. Our latest campaign is to recruit knitters to make bereavement blankets and knitted toys for families & children affected by COVID for our NHS. Can you help? 

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