Verve Fostering Ambassadors

Our ambassadors exist to showcase their varied backgrounds and their reasons for promoting foster care as they have a mutual passion for supporting children and their families in our communities.

Picture of Maxine Casey

Maxine Casey

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Picture of Claire Marie Street

Claire Marie Street

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Picture of Angela Prince

Angela Prince

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Picture of Jocylin Croston

Jocylin Croston

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Picture of Bronagh Howell

Bronagh Howell

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Picture of Yvonne Simms

Yvonne Simms

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Consider Becoming An Ambassador

If you share the passion and ethos of any of our existing Fostering Ambassadors, please get in touch.

The industry, and Verve, need all the help we can get to make a positive change. We need brave, spirited people and families to share their experiences, in the hope of encouraging new dedicated individuals to consider becoming foster carers.

Are Your A Foster Carer?

Whether you're a foster carer currently, or have been in the past, we're interested in hearing from you. We're always on the lookout for new ambassadors who can shout about the positive impact fostering had on their lives.