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Claire Marie Street

Armed Forces Ambassador

Yvonne Simms delivering food parcels throughout the pandemic

Yvonne Simms

Not for Profit Charities Ambassador

Bronagh Howell

Children’s Fostering Services Ambassador

Maxine Casey

NHS and families Ambassador

We have worked together to support our latest campaign on behalf of Salford Royal NHS Trust, whom Yvonne and I visited recently. Whilst there, we found a significant shortage of Bereavement Blankets, knitted hearts and teddies, so our latest campaign began.

The purpose of our visit was to deliver Bereavement Blankets, knitted toys and knitted premature baby clothes donated to us. Subsequently, the response to the campaign has been phenomenal. The kindness of the Armed Forces community and Claire’s support has enabled us to collect donations as local veterans have collected on our behalf.

It was a pleasure to dedicate the knitted toys to the Not for Profit charities we support and children who have been affected by COVID. Yvonne, Maxine and Bronagh have worked within the NHS for decades; they are passionate about helping vulnerable people and children in our community.

If you want to find out more about the campaign, click on the link below…

child sat on a chair waiting.

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Verve Ambassadors are ladies who make a difference in the sectors they care about; however, the same ethos runs through our veins. We are dedicated to making sure that everyone has equal chances in life with the Not for Profit Charities we support. If you want to find out more about what we do, or are interested in working alongside of us, please get in touch.