Claire Marie Street – Armed Forces Ambassador

Claire Marie Street has volunteered in the Armed Forces Sector for many years. As an Armed Forces Veteran herself, she is much-loved and well-respected within her community. Claire is a Salford Veterans Community Centre CIC Director and the Naafi kitchen Breakfast Club based at St Thomas’s Church, Salford. As you can see, Claire campaigns tirelessly on behalf of Veterans of the Armed Forces and working together with young people in her community; Claire you are an inspirational woman and we adore you. Here are some of our campaigns together…

Children support Ukraine with sunflowers, chocolate and letters of love…
Armed Forces Veterans stand with Ukraine
Armed Forces Veterans and the people of Salford unite for Ukraine.
Knitted Poppies for Armed Forces Day
Summer Recruitment events with our Armed Forces Family
Celebrate Armed Forces Day 2021

Yvonne Simms – Food poverty, families & children Ambassador.

Yvonne Simms set up Salford Food Parcels Charity and the Holiday Hunger Project in Salford over ten years ago, and Yvonne is a much-loved and respected member of her community. Yvonne works from the Emmanuel Church on Langworthy Road, Salford providing food parcels to those in need every Wednesday and offering emergency food parcels whenever needed. Yvonne and her volunteers have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Working together with the Red Cross, they have supported asylum-seeking families and refugees in Salford to access the support they need to stay safe. Yvonne and her team never stop caring, and I will never stop writing and campaigning to support Yvonne and the wonderful work she does.

Salford Food Parcels helping people facing food poverty.

Yvonne Simms, my Christian faith and the miracle we need.

Emergency Food Parcels have trebled since lockdown.

Thank you to the Ladies who Knit

Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal

My vision to create a Community Hub Appeal

Maxine Casey – NHS & Fostering Ambassador

Maxine Casey is now in her 3rd year as a student nurse at Salford University. She has worked for her beloved NHS for over 17 years, working in the community supporting patients and providing palliative care. She is also, my daughter, a Mum of two wonderful children, and a woman who never stops looking out for others. She is passionate about equality and fairness for all women and children in her community and I am proud to be her Mum.

Knitting for Babies Appeal

Maxine regularly delivers knitted baby clothes and blankets to the Local Sure Start Centres for Mums in our community.

The Change-makers in Foster Care Recruitment

Verve CIC are the change-makers of foster care recruitment within the Not for Profit sector.

Knitted Bereavement Blankets, Hearts & Teddies Appeal

Maxine works proudly for Salford NHS and now, as a student nurse she has helped us to provide comfort to families and patients affected by COVID 19.

Bronagh Howell – Foster care & Children’s Mental Health Support Ambassador

Bronagh Louise Howell is a retired paediatric nurse who worked within her beloved NHS for over 25 years. Bronagh is also a Mum, her daughter is a teenager now, and Bronagh is dedicated to supporting vulnerable children in care. Bronagh was in the care system when at 14 years of age, she had put up with enough emotional and physical abuse from her toxic home life and put herself into care.
Bronagh was lucky; she had fantastic foster parents who saw her through University and enabled her to get her Nursing degree. Bronagh knows that when fostering is done right, it is amazing.
However, Bronagh also knows of the daily struggles children face, especially with mental health, and she campaigns daily for change to support children and young people. Bronagh proves that with determination, tenacity of spirit and empathy, we can achieve anything.

My foster carers gave me a future filled with love.

B was a child in care, and her  foster carers gave her what she needed most,  a safe and loving home and a future filled with love. B and her siblings’ lives had been filled with abuse by the woman they called Mother; she shares how Social workers took her siblings into care because Mother could not cope with them.

Child abuse, my mother & the good hidings we lived with.

Life for B was mainly with child abuse within a toxic family background, with ‘mother’ at the helm. It was an environment in a dysfunctional family amongst a chaotic mix of verbal, emotional or physical abuse. B watched as her sister was taken into care by a Social worker because her mother said she could not control her.

Child Abuse; The highest reason why children are in care.

In 2021, there were 80850 vulnerable children in care in England. The highest reason was child abuse and neglect; 62% of the children had suffered this, with 39% of them being ten years old and above. A further 20% of those children and young people in care are over 16 years and the average length of time that children are in care is two years and three months.

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