Verve Ambassadors- Real women with dedication to their communities…

Claire Marie Street

Armed Forces Ambassador

Yvonne Simms

Not for Profit Charities Ambassador

Bronagh Howell

Children’s Fostering Services Ambassador

Maxine Casey

NHS and families Ambassador

Verve Ambassadors- Real women keeping it real through experience.

Our experiences through life as Mums or working with children; being in the care system ourselves, or professionally dedicating ourselves to supporting vulnerable children and their families means understanding our children’s needs within our community. Thus, it is why we have agreed to become Ambassadors for Verve, as we know that every child deserves the same chances and opportunities in life, regardless of their start. These articles describe our journeys in life, and subsequently, the Charities we represent and run in our community and thus, are the reason why we do what we do…

Verve Ambassadors keeping it real about depressionanxietymental healthvulnerable children

The Guilt of a mother with mental health in her child.

Me and my shadow; removing the Black Dog of Depression

Coronavirus is making vulnerable children ‘invisible.’

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