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I am now retired, however, I have worked over the years in care homes helping people with learning difficulties. I have been proud to work also in the clinical area of the NHS and have been an administrator for several companies in my career.
I moved to Salford after relocating from Cambridgeshire where, in 2011, I became one of the creators of the Salford Food Parcels which is a Food Bank project ran in partnership with the Red Cross. Since working in this project, it is in my experience that children with families with a loving and stable background are the children who prosper most. So many of the children and young adults I have been involved within Salford have had broken family homes, they have families with parents who have addictions, refugee families or just dysfunctional families.
I have also been involved since 2018 with the Holiday Hunger project in Salford. This project gives packed lunches to children from a disadvantaged background and I have been shocked at how this has grown from 12 children to 38 in the last holiday.
Through both these projects, my passion has grown to see children grow up in a secure and loving family.
There is a real need for foster parents who will love and nurture children from many of these backgrounds. Verve is an amazing Not for Profit organisation that helps place children in loving foster homes. Verve only works with Not for Profit fostering charities, and we have worked very closely together to support the projects I am passionate about. Verve always looks to recruit Foster parents who have the right skills and experience to make sure that these children get a loving home, with the chance to mature and grow up in a safe and secure environment.
I am delighted to become a Fostering Ambassador with Verve and I look forward to us working together in the future, caring for vulnerable children in our community.

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