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Claire Marie on Foster Care

I am proud to be a Fostering Ambassador for Verve. I feel that every child should have a warm and safe home, with people who can care for and protect them, even temporarily, until they are able to go back hopefully to their own family.
As a veteran of the British Army, I know that the bond between strangers turns in time through trust, into an extended family for life. I am blessed that this feeling is shared with my own son, and they can feel fulfilled as people in their own rights because of my experience. Learning and earning trust takes time, but when we work together the example that is set by our actions can shape the future for a child. Experiences from my life have shaped who I am, and my son and made us proud to stand together as a family because of the ethos learned and shared with me.

Are Your A Foster Carer?

Whether you're a foster carer currently, or have been in the past, we're interested in hearing from you. We're always on the lookout for new ambassadors who can shout about the positive impact fostering had on their lives.