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Foster Care & The Armed Forces

ADHD, my Foster Carers & my life in the Armed Forces.

Jordan was ten when he went into foster care. His behaviour was unacceptable and undiagnosed with ADHD. Jordan was lucky, his foster carers understood, and when Jordan and his mates got in trouble with the Police, they had a choice. Either a criminal record or attend the Army Foundation Course at Wigan Youth Zone. They chose the latter, and at 16, Jordan signed up to the 1st Battalion, Duke of Lancaster Regiment. Jordan is now twenty-four, and on his 9th year of service; he chose well…  

Veterans of the Armed Forces & Foster care

Many Armed Forces Veterans are foster carers; they offer safe & loving homes to vulnerable children and young people. Armed Forces Veterans are unique, they have routine, discipline, and empathy that many young people in care need. More importantly, they relate, often, they’ve been in comparable situation themselves, they understand.
There are more older children in care than any other age group. They are also the hardest to place with foster carers because they have labels attached. These labels are complex needs or behavioural issues; why would you want to take a chance on them?
And yet, when foster carers take that chance, and guide young people when they stray on the wrong path, the outcomes are lifechanging.
Many young people in foster care, at 16 years of age are often placed in unregulated accommodation with little support. They are vulnerable. We need foster carers to support young people and help them as they transition into independence. Can you foster?

Young people walking past Verve recruitment in Armed Forces uniform.

Armed Forces Veterans& Mentoring

‘Veterans of the Armed Forces mentor students at Lowry Academy…’

The Re-engage programme is created by Major Chris Chudleigh, Infantry RL Chairman. It is designed to connect with marginalised youngsters; prevent school exclusion and reduce criminal exploitation. The programme connects young people through rugby and boxing and is the follow up from Chris’s hugely successful ‘School of Hard Knocks.’ We are recruiting Armed Forces Veterans to mentor young people for Re-Engage. But we need Veterans motivated by change,  and nor are they afraid of a challenge.

Data Innovation & The Armed Forces

Innovation by collaboration and skill sharing.

Armed Forces Veterans need control of their data and those who access it. They also need access to vital support networks if they become vulnerable. Verve work in partnership with CDD Services and SafeGuarden CIC to design and build a data sharing app that will meet the needs of Veterans in crisis in accordance with the promises made to Veterans on the Armed Forces Covenant.

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Can you foster?The most in-demand types of foster care are Sibling foster carers & Mother & Baby foster carers to keep families together.