#BeMoreLikeMummy-G – Sarah’s moving story as a Foster child at 14…

‘Mummy-G is Sarah’s name for her Foster care mum Gaynor who she has been with since she was 14; Gaynor is a foster carer with Caritas Care, a Not for Profit fostering charity in Lancashire. Caritas Care is a charity with a long history of giving care and support to children, families in their community; and are proud to be ‘one of only five’ fostering charities rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted’. 

Sarah was Gaynor’s first long term foster child, and she has made a significant impact on Sarah’s life; by being the ‘one to see what others had missed. Gaynor soon realised that something was wrong with Sarah, and subsequently, she saw the one thing that no one had noticed before. Sarah had a hearing impairment; she couldn’t hear correctly.

Sarah’s story…

‘Gaynor noticed that I had a health issue in my life that no one had ever noticed even as a baby. I had a hearing impairment that I had ‘lost my hearing’. We ‘gained it back’, they sorted it out with me, and she didn’t give up!’

‘Gaynor was crying ‘tears of joy when I first got my hearing aid’. ‘This was because I could hear ‘the birds singing for the first time.

‘Gaynor is very kind and very supportive of me. She stayed with me through sadness and happiness in my life.’

‘I live independently now, but Gaynor lives not far away from me’. ‘Most importantly, she helps me and supports me when I need her.’

‘She’ll always be my Mummy-Ji, the world’s best Mummy-Ji…Be more like Mummy-Ji; be more like Gaynor’!


Sarah’s award for success; against all the odds!

Sarah, originally from Blackpool, received the Fostering Achievement Award support by Dreams, recognising her efforts and contributions to society at The Fostering Network’s ‘Fostering Excellence Awards’ in 2016.

‘The award celebrates Sarah’s success against the odds on her journey through foster care. The full extent of Sarah’s medical problems didn’t come to light until she was 14 and came to live with her fostering family. She was attending a special needs school but had not yet been diagnosed as deaf.

Her foster family supported her in getting bilateral hearing aids, and this helped Sarah find her voice so she can now engage fully in conversations. This also enhanced her ability to learn, and she was awarded student of the year at college after she passed her entry levels in maths and English. This means that she will now be able to undertake a health and social care course at college.

Gaynor Brown, Sarah’s foster carer who nominated her for this award, said: ‘Sarah’s resilience makes her amazing. I have never heard Sarah complain once. She is the most caring natured young lady I have ever met and is so caring for others despite not always receiving the care she deserves as a child.’


Help more children like Sarah #BeMoreLikeMummy-G!

Sarah went on to study at college and gained her qualifications with merit, and she lives close by to her Mummy-Ji. The support and dedication of foster carers like Gaynor are why children in care thrive; because foster carers do not give up on them. These foster carers have kindness and compassion; together with an overwhelming love for children; as a result, they are the ‘voices’ and ‘ears’ for children to help them flourish.

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Verve Recruitment recruits foster carers for Caritas Care.

Verve Recruitment is an Independent foster care recruitment company, and we are proud to represent and recruit foster carers on behalf of Caritas Care. We have extensive experience in foster care recruitment. Our purpose is to guide you through the recruitment process, advise you of the fostering role, and subsequently; to share the ‘Outstanding’ qualities that Caritas care brings to their foster carers.

‘From the very beginning, there is so much support available to you. The training is brilliant and very professionally put together and ran by the team. They always stick to their schedules and never once has anything ever been cancelled. The training is excellent, it’s punctual, informative and friendly, and I am so pleased that I went with Caritas Care on my fostering journey’.

Sarah, Foster carer with Caritas Care

There are not many charities out there that let their carers do the talking for them; quite simply, Caritas Care is unique. And as a result, their foster carers and their families are proud to be a part of the charity and their dedicated team; they represent them with pride…and we endorse this!

If you would like further information about how you can foster children in care with Caritas Care, please do get in touch on the form below, and we will contact you back within 24 hours.

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