Cameron…Supporting his family when they opened up their home for ‘children in need of care’ as Foster carers.

Cameron’s mum Gaynor became a Foster carer with Caritas Care, a Not for Profit fostering charity based in Preston, Lancashire. Cameron shares how he felt when his home was ‘opened up to children who were in care and why; he thinks that ‘being a part of a ‘fostering family,’ subsequently ‘developed into making him a better person.

Cameron’s Fostering journey…

‘ I was a bit nervous at first. I thought, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to have another sister or a brother. Also, I didn’t know if they would be older or younger than me; but it’s like all other families when you all love each other and are together. You may have your arguments, but it’s about getting over them and still loving each other.’

‘We don’t like to treat Foster children the same as my sisters. It’s good for them to go to the After School club, stay at other people’s houses, and make new friends. Sometimes they do that ‘little thought thing’ like ‘why do we not have our real Mum and Dad?’

‘I know that I am helping out someone else, but when I was younger, I didn’t realise that. I just wanted my Mum and Dad to myself and didn’t want to share them’. ‘Now I know that it has developed me into a better person.’

A 28% rise in the number of Children in Care in ten years…

There are now 78,150 children in care in England, a rise of 28% in a decade.

Official figures show there are currently 78,150 children in care in England, up from 75,370 in 2018. And, almost 20,000 more than in 2009 when there were 60,900 children were in care.

New figures revealing the number of children in care has hit a 10-year high point to a care system “in crisis”, the Children’s Commissioner has said. According to the Department for Education, the Local Government Association (LGA) data showed there were 78,150 children in care in England as of March 31 2019. This data marks a 28% increase on the 60,900 children in care at the same point a decade ago, the LGA said. Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield branded the care system as being “in crisis” and urged the Government to ‘launch an independent review’.

Fostering a positive impact on your family life.

‘Becoming a foster carer isn’t just going to impact on your own life, but that of the people around you; and this impact can be extremely positive. Most of our foster families will tell you that looking after children has been a privilege. Consequently, they and their families get just as much out of the experience, putting in as they together. And, as a result, foster care has enhanced their lives.’ 

Caritas Care https://caritascare-ifoster.org.uk/impact-on-my-family/

Verve recruits foster carers on behalf of Caritas Care

Verve Recruitment is proud to recruit foster carers on behalf of Caritas Care in Preston Lancashire. They are a not-for-profit charity that has supported children, their families and their community for decades, and their vision is the same today as it always has been.

‘Our vision is that all families and communities have chances, choices and opportunities to live the best lives they can.’

If you want further information on becoming a fostering family with Caritas Care Fostering Charity, please contact the form below. Let us know the best time to call, leave a brief message, and we will get you back within 24 hours.

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