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Is ‘now’ the time for you to become a foster carer?

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Coronavirus has brought change, but for children in care, nothing changed. They are still waiting; is now the right time for you to foster?

Children need foster parents to give them kindness and compassion, feel valued, and protect them if they become scared. These children are still waiting, and nothing has changed for them, except they are becoming more vulnerable.

However, while these children wait, we have a virus that has caused a considerable change in our lives; subsequently, we have had to alter our lives to adapt to the new normal. And this change hasn’t been easy!

Children have adapted to change with rainbows.

Many children have accepted changes and restructure to their routines caused by the Coronavirus with extraordinary calmness. They spend their time painting rainbows pictures knowing these pictures have the power to make people feel wanted and special. Children have adapted to the changes that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it with a quiet acceptance. They don’t question; they paint rainbow pictures to cheer everyone up to put in their windows. These children know that it will get better again for everyone if they listen and do as told.

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Children waiting in care homes are becoming vulnerable.

However, for many children, any change is difficult because structure and stability are essential parts of their lives. This is especially true for children who are already in the care system, and sadly, the longer these children wait, the more vulnerable they will become.

Over 1200 foster carers are currently needed for children in care.

England currently needs over 1200 more foster carers to provide loving homes for children in care. There are now not enough to foster carers and loving homes to care for children still waiting, and the urgency to recruit new foster carers has never been higher.

Coronavirus will not stop us from recruiting foster carers.

The Coronavirus pandemic will not stop us from recruiting foster carers. It may change the way we have previously hired, but we have made adaptions for this. If anything, Coronavirus has made our resolve even more potent because we owe it to the children who are still waiting.

Verve Recruitment
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Verve only recruits foster carers for Not for Profit charities because of the amazing support they offer to both yourself and your family for fostering; equally, if not more important, the care they offer to children in outstanding.

More children are being placed into unsupervised care homes and falling into the hands of grooming gangs. This invisibility for children needs to change; our children deserve better than this. Verve, we will never stop campaigning until all children in care have foster carers to give them the love and support they need. Children in care do not need beds in care homes; they need homes. Homes with a foster carer or family who will keep them safe; Can you foster?

Together, we will all make a difference in the lives of children in care.

If you would like further information about fostering with Not for Profit charities near you, please complete the form, and I will contact you back.

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