Not for Profit’s leading the way forward in our communities

Three years ago, I left my job working in recruitment for an IFA. I knew that there was a better way, not just for me, but for many others out there who want to make a difference but feel held back.

Sometimes, we’re unsure if it’s us or the insane rules we have to go through to get the simplest of things done. And, this was my prompt because children in care need foster carers now, more than ever before.

I knew there was another way, and that is the Not for Profit way, because we should not have large businesses making money from children in care.

child sat on a chair waiting.

Local Not for Profit’s we proudly support…

‘All of the charities we represent make a difference in the lives of people in our community. During the pandemic, they have never stopped, and it is their consistent support that helps many families to get through this pandemic.

Salford Veterans Community Centre

Not for Profit’s leading the way in Foster Care & the care of vulnerable children & young people…

Visit M3 Project website

Verve’s campaigns to support Not for Profit’s

Our campaigns brought to us the most amazing ladies who came forward and created the most beautiful baby clothes…

‘We asked, and the Ladies who knit came together throughout the UK after responding to our appeal. These kind-hearted ladies donated knitted hearts, baby clothes, teddies, toys and Bereavement blankets, which we have donated to local charities. Ladies, you are unique; thank you!’

Many children are waiting in care homes throughout the country for foster carers to look after them in a safe and loving home. If you can help us and want to know more about fostering with a Not for Profit, please contact us on the form below. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children