Our Community Campaigns…

Initially, I began to write campaigns for foster care recruitment. But, as COVID-19 took hold, I saw its effect on families and children. We were in lockdown, and Yvonne Simms of Salford Food Parcels asked me if I knew where we could get baby clothes or wool. I replied, ‘I don’t, but if we start a community campaign, maybe people will come forward to help.’

Our latest community campaigns…

‘Knitted Baby Clothes to support Mums in Winter’.

 The ‘Knitted Baby Clothes to support Mums in Winter Campaign’ aims to help Mums keep their babies snug and warm during the winter cost-of-living crisis. This campaign follows the hugely popular Knitting for Babies Appeal. Still, the cost-of-living crisis bites and mums, their babies and their children need a little more help this winter.

Verve’s ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal.’

The Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal began in the first lockdown as Charity shops, the usual source of wool for Mum on a budget, was closed. We asked if people could knit baby clothes to help Mums and their babies to keep warm, and the response was, and still is, amazing. Thankfully, over 90 ladies & knitting groups came together and made Mum’s beam with pride as their babies looked beautiful and snug. Thank you.

Bereavement Blankets, Heart, Teddies & Knitted Toys Campaign.

I created the ‘Knitted Bereavement Blankets, Hearts, Teddies & Toys Campaigns’ 3 years ago. The aim is to support the  Swan Bereavement Team at Salford Royal NHS Trust. These donations help support and care for patients and families affected by COVID-19. Sadly, again, they need more to meet rising demand. Can you help?

After working a shift at Salford Royal Hospital, Verve Ambassador Maxine Casey said, ‘Mum, I saw a little girl today walking past with one of the knitted teddies. It looked like it comforted her.’ Her comment got me thinking. What about children going into foster care? Would they like a knitted friend to give hugs and cuddles when they need it most?

Thanks to the kindness of the Ladies who Knit and the craft groups who now support us, we have donated eight hundred knitted toys to foster children. These children receive a welcome box from the Not-for-Profit Charities we support when they go to foster homes. Now, they have unlimited hugs and cuddles when they need them most.

The rest we donate to local Community Centres and Sure Start Centres for Mum on a budget as stocking fillers for Father Christmas!

Our Bereavement Blankets, Hearts & Teddies Campaign…

I created this campaign at the beginning of the lockdown. The Bereavement Blankets, Hearts and Teddies Appeal directly helped people and families affected by Covid-19. The Swan team at SRFT NHS Trust provide comfort and support with Bereavement blankets, knitted hearts and teddies. They asked if we would ask our knitters if they could help. This campaign is ongoing; the demand grows as winter approaches, so please, don’t stop because you are making a difference.

‘Emergency Food Parcels campaign…’

Salford Food Parcels run from the Emmanuel Centre on Langworthy Road, Salford. During the lockdown, they provided emergency food to vulnerable people in Salford. Sadly, the situation has worsened, and more people who need a helping hand are coming forward.

Thanks to Salford Food Parcels, Verve Ambassador Yvonne Simms, and her volunteers, they delivered over 150 additional food parcels to people who struggled during the lockdown.

Many of these were families with children, our pensioners, and local Armed Forces Veterans; many continue to visit Salford Food Parcels, which grows weekly.

Please don’t struggle; we are in this together. If you need emergency food, get in touch.

The secret of success…

Over 95 ladies who knit and craft groups came together & supported our campaigns. Thanks to their kindness, we have donated over 5000 knitted baby clothes and blankets. And over 2000 Bereavement Blankets, hearts & teddies to the Swan team @ Salford Royal NHS Trust to help those affected by COVID-19.

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