Congratulations to Sobia and Akmal becoming approved as foster carers!

Verve is delighted to announce that Sobia, Akmal and their family have become approved as Foster Carers with Caritas Care in Preston.

Caritas Care is a Not for Profit Fostering charity. It is rated as Ofsted ‘Outstanding and is local to Sobia & Akmal; I knew after chatting with Sobia at length that Caritas Care was the right Not for Profit Fostering Charity for them.

The reason I knew? I understood from Sobia’s motivation and the ethos of her life that she and her family would be a good match for Caritas; after all, I know them well, and I know what type of foster carer they need.

Sobia and Akmal were perfect for them, and Caritas recognise the importance not just of their skills in caring for children; but, more importantly, the fact they have two young children and were entering into fostering as a family unit.

The importance of the ‘First call.’

When I received their enquiry, I called Sobia and had my first initial discussion with her. But, of course, the first call is always to establish what people understand about fostering and their motivation. However, after this call, it was evident immediately of a genuine desire to foster as a family; more importantly, the family had unanimously decided to inquire together.

Both Sobia and Akmal have outstanding skills and experience supporting children, which is vital; more importantly, they wanted to offer children a family home with a family united together, a fostering family.

Every person in the family has unique skills to help children; subsequently, I wanted to find a not-for-profit charity to reflect these skills. But, equally, I needed to find a Charity with whom Sobia, Akmal and their children would feel a shared ethos and a connection.

Finding a Charity that has a ‘family feel.’

Once I have established details of people who want to foster, I send an anonymous profile that outlines the inquirer’s strengths. This document outlines the desires of the potential foster carers and what they wish to gain as a family.

Most people have a strong understanding of the fostering role; they look for an organisation that suits them best. But, more importantly, they are looking for the best organisation to support them when they need it most to become effective foster carers; this is where I feel that charities excel.

The support they give to foster carers is Outstanding, not just from the beginning of the fostering journey but all through their careers.

Caritas Care gives foster carers a ‘sense of belonging’.

Many foster carers approved with Charities reflect on how they feel, a sense of belonging’ with the Charity; and it was this that I wanted for Sobia and Akmal.

More importantly, the children needed this because not only had they decided to share their home and their parents, they had agreed to share their future lives as a fostering family. Thus, I needed to find a Charity that would honour and respect this.

But I knew who it would be; if there is ever a Not for Profit Charity that reflects all children, Caritas Care is it.

A home visit was arranged, and they were invited to apply.

Rebecca Hughes, Fostering Service Manager of Caritas Care, spoke with Sobia and Akmal; she quickly arranged a home visit to meet with them and their family. As a result, this meeting was successful; Sobia and Akmal were ‘invited to apply’ with Caritas Care as foster carers.

I was delighted because my ‘matching process is crucial to a successful, and hopefully, long term fostering relationship together.

Sobia and Akmal and their family were finally approved as foster carers ten months after their fostering journey. They said they were in no rush; it was important for them to take their time and get it right; after all, this decision will affect the rest of their lives.

Sobia told me that the whole journey was exciting and planned, and thus, as a family, they enjoyed every second of their fostering journey. But, ultimately, it was made more exciting because they knew they were with a Charity that was right for them.

‘We have really enjoyed the process; I will always be grateful to you for recommending us to Caritas and believing in us. Thank you.’

Sobia & Akmal
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Verve Recruitment, taking the time to get it right at the start.

Verve creates ads/ blogs to campaign for foster carers on Social Media and our website. The ads design to engage with potential foster carers that have experience in caring for children.

This experience is vital because children in care have often suffered trauma or abuse; consequently, they need safe and loving homes with fostering families who can give them the love and support they need.

I dedicate my time to understanding your needs, skills, and expectations of fostering, and I match you with a Not for Profit Charity that I feel ‘reflects’ you.

The ‘screening call’ helped Caritas fully understand Sobia and Akmal’s motivation to foster; it also helped them recognise their skills and experiences before calling them; as a charity, it is a cost-effective way of recruiting.

Verve creates its ad campaigns and recruits independently; this ultimately means that Charities have a more substantial online presence at no cost.

I recognise that Charities, especially in the current climate, need to ‘do what they do best,’ supporting vulnerable children and young people in our community. Therefore I will continue recruiting and supporting potential foster carers to fulfil the ever-growing demand for foster carers.

The recruitment procedures are adapted to fit around Coronavirus, and our resolve is even stronger.

Find out more about Fostering with a Not for Profit charity in your community…

If you would like to find out more about fostering a child with a not-for-profit foster charity in your community; or are already a foster carer thinking of transferring to a charity, please do get in touch.

Verve offers free and independent advice to clarify your decision to foster; Can you foster a child and be the difference that children in care need?

Together, we can all make a difference as Fostering families for vulnerable children in care.

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