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The pathway to successful foster care recruitment is to clarify the types of foster carers needed in your area. Thus, I work with you to explore your experience in caring for children that will ultimately meet the needs of children in care and the Charity you will represent. This pathway to fostering is why I set up Verve; I know there is another way for foster care recruitment, and this way is the Not for Profit way.

I have successfully created campaigns and recruited foster carers who directly provide Step Down Care, respite care and emergency foster care. I have worked together with people who wanted to specialise in asylum-seeking foster care and Parent and Child and located the best charity to enable them to achieve their dream. Thus, they now proudly represent their chosen Charity as outstanding foster carers.

I aim to recruit foster carers who have experience in caring for children to meet the needs of children, and I am actively recruiting people to foster siblings to keep families together and Parent and Child foster carers.

I want to recruit foster carers who can support older children and teenagers because living in residential care is now a way of life for many older children. These children and young people need Step Down Foster carers to help them transition into family life again. Fostering vulnerable children is not for the faint-hearted; it is for the determined; however, there are people out there who want to foster, they need to find the right agency or charity for them.

When I recruit, I match you with a Not for Profit Charity I feel represents you. Consequently, I aim to create fostering partnerships to make a massive difference to vulnerable children’s lives, and this is simply the reason why I do what I do.

To find out more about fostering with a Not for Profit charity, please fill in the form below, and I will get back to you. There’s no cost and commitment, just honest advice to help you decide about fostering and supporting a child or children when they need you the most…

Val Hogan, a very proud owner of Verve Recruitment Limited.

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