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Can you help a Child in Need?

Can you help a child in care as a foster carer with a Not for Profit Charity?

Verve Recruitment is not a Fostering agency; we are a recruitment agency to give you advice on fostering with Not for Profit Charity. We do this because we believe that all children and young people deserve the best chances in life. In fact; our experiences of Foster care and being a child in care; together with our knowledge of Fostering Recruitment, ensures that we have an empathy and understanding of the ‘needs of a child in care’. When you have been there yourself, or have worked with children in care; you know that we have to get this right. It isn’t about getting children a bed for the night in a home they don’t belong; it’s about finding foster carers dedicated to ‘making the difference to the lives of vulnerable children’.

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Without support, ultimately, it leads to relationship breakdowns.

‘Not for Profit’ fostering charities invest every penny profit made and infused back into their Outstanding support networks. These charities dedicate their services in our communities for decades; this commitment is measured in the Outstanding 24/7 support they give to their fostering families. This support is vital; without it, relationships breakdown and children in care have to start again; we have to break the cycle of relationship breakdowns for vulnerable children. Ultimately, these breakdowns are where children develop trust issues, they feel unwanted, and often, mental health problems begin. We owe it to them to get this right, and this is where the Outstanding training and support is vital. For you to give Outstanding care to vulnerable children, you need the backup; and this is where charities excel.

Children need homes where they develop a ‘sense of belonging’.

Fostering charities are recruiting foster carers who have skills and experience in caring for vulnerable children. The ethos of all charities is that ‘all children deserve the best outcomes in life’; However, to achieve this, they have to have the best care. Together, the support, love and care shown to vulnerable children will ensure that they will have a brighter future. As a result, these children will have a loving home where they feel a ‘sense of belonging’. And finally, they will have the guidance of foster carers who will never give up on them; no matter how much they push your buttons!

‘Do you have a spare bedroom, and space in your life to dedicate to a child when it’s needed most? Can you work together with Not for Profit charities and work together to keep consistent, high-quality care for children?’

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There are now over 1400 children in care who need foster homes…

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There are over 1400 foster carers needed in the next 12 months according to a National Fostering charity, The Fostering Network, and 1300 of those are in the North West alone. As a result, the demand for foster carers has never been higher. Children in care are waiting for foster parents who have the time and commitment to give them the support they desperately need. Can you be the person to ‘Open your heart to fostering, and give a child in care a safe and loving home?

Recruiting Outstanding foster carers for Not for Profit charities.

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Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of children in care.

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