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Managing your  DBS/RTW checks has never been easier with CDD Services’ innovative Spotlite technology in one app…

Verve Community CIC proudly collaborated with CDD Services and DBS to offer Spotlite technology DBS/RTW checks for the Not for Profit sector.


Spotlite is a fully automated digital DBS criminal record check.


Spotlite enables you to digitally upload documents in 60 seconds. One click and you’re done.


Spotlite digitally integrates with identity documentation validation technology. ( It’s GDPR compliant; there’s no middle man.)


Therefore, we pass that saving on to you.

DBS/RTW checks with Verve's managed service

DBS Price List

Standard DBS

Spent & unspent convictions, RTW checks, custom job roles. cautions & reprimands, Final warnings, volunteers costs waived, fast track processing with Verve’s managed services.

£38.00 per check plus £25.00 managed/ admin fee.

Total £63.00 ex VAT

enhanced DBS/BARRING

Same as standard, RTW checks, custom job roles, Local Police Information, check against Barred list, volunteers costs waived, fast track processing with Verve’s managed services.

£38.00 per check plus £25.00 managed/admin fee

Total £63.00 ex VAT

Volunteers do not pay for DBS checks, this fee is wavered by DBS. However, admin costs are payable for Verve’s managed service.

Verve managed service finds the right DBS for you.

DBS Advice

Verve supports you to find the right DBS check you need.

Job title

We need to know your job title.

Job Description

Your job description will establishes the DBS you need.

Safeguarding you.

Our advice ensures you get the DBS check that Safeguards you…

We also recommend looking on the Gov.UK website on the link below to get clarification too…

”Thank you for your call yesterday morning where we spent time discussing the DBS checks and the benefits of having the most stringent checks. I have been through the link on the Government website and have been told “You can request an enhanced check with a children’s barred list check”.

The most stringent check as we hoped (to be covered for all eventualities going forward). Please let me know what the next step is…”


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