Not-for-Profit Foster Care Recruitment.

I set up Verve Recruitment CIC to find foster carers for the Not-for-Profit sector. I used to work in foster care recruitment for a large IFA; I know what I’m doing…

Fostering Teenagers & Older Children…

Fostering teenagers and older children are challenging. However, foster carers who do, see what lies beyond the labels; they see the child. Over 50% of children in care are over ten years of age; more than half are boys. Sadly, abuse and neglect are the highest reason for children going into care .

‘Parent & Child foster care.’

Parent and Child Foster Care is a specialist type of foster care and is in extremely high demand to give parents a helping hand when it’s needed most. Parent & Child foster carers provide practical and emotional support for new parents and their babies.

Sibling Foster Care…

We need sibling foster carers to keep siblings together and in the communities to which they belong. Sadly, many sibling groups are separated, and older siblings move away from the communities where they are loved. We need more sibling foster carers. Can you foster?

Step Down & Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Foster Care…

Many children in care have suffered trauma and abuse. We need foster carers with specialist skills and experience for these children to give them 1:1 specialist support. There is a massive demand for Step Down foster carers; if you want to have a chat about the criteria for this type of foster care, please get in touch.

Step Down Foster Care

Step Down foster carers support children and young people to transition from living within residential children’s homes to adjusting to life within a family home.

As the name suggests, Step Down care takes place over a period to help children adjust. It is a specialist type of foster care and is in great demand.


There is a considerable demand for foster carers to support Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking children. These children have often come from loving families who paid others to get children out of war-torn areas and keep them safe. Sadly, their trauma is usually from the journey to the UK; they need safe and loving homes with consistent love and support to help them settle and flourish.

It’s all about the matching…

I met Cheryl & Dave in February this year, who told me why they wanted to foster as a family. I heard what they said and the type of foster care they wanted to offer. It was much needed and meant children in their community, especially siblings, stayed together and kept local. That was important, & I matched them with a charity I knew was best for them; Caritas Care.

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