Fostering Charities Need New Foster Carers For Vulnerable Children In Care.

Not for Profit Fostering Charities are recruiting Foster Carers to meet the expected demand for new additional fostering households. This expected demand, according to The Fostering Network, is a real concern for fostering charities. Consequently, there is a real urgency to recruit new and experienced foster carers to support children in care. However, we need to know what type of foster carers are needed and the experience you need to become a foster carer?

Coronavirus has created a challenge for all of us, and subsequently, we have all adjusted our lives to accommodate it. There is a realisation now that Coronavirus isn’t slowing down and leaving, and; as a result, Coronavirus has left a trail of tragedy in its wake. Sadly, many children in care are affected because they now have to wait longer for safe and loving homes.

There were many children in care before Coronavirus waiting for foster carers who are sadly still waiting. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is bringing with it a time when many children will now need kindness and love the most; Can you foster?

Can you foster?

7000 foster carers are needed in the next 12 months…

The Fostering Network charity has estimated that over 7000 new foster carers are needed in the next 12 months. Sadly, 1300 of this figure are new foster carers that will cover the North West alone. As a result, Fostering charities are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of foster carers who can support vulnerable children. What type of foster carers are needed?

The three most in-demand types of care are…

The Fostering Network has suggested that the three highest in-demand types of carers are:

  • Teenagers and primary school-aged children.
  • Sibling groups of all ages ( which may include children under 5 ).
  • Parent and Child foster care.

Many people that are considering fostering children select which type of foster care they feel suits them most. It may be based on the ages of children that you have the most experience in caring for? If you have your own children, what ages of children do they feel would work best with them? Do you have any specialist skills and experience in caring for children with complex needs?

What type of foster care works for you?

  • Can you offer emergency care to a child or children?
  • Do you have more than one spare bedroom, and therefore can you support siblings in keeping them together?
  • Would short term foster care work better for you, or are you looking for a long term foster child?
  • Could you provide more specialised care, including Parent and Child foster care, Therapeutic foster care, or supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking children?
  • Do you have experience in caring for children with additional needs?
  • Could you help a child who has suffered trauma or abuse, or sadly, faced bereavement?
  • Can you offer respite care and give other foster carers a valuable lifeline with a much-needed break?

Not for Profit Fostering charities are recruiting to find exceptional people with exceptional skills in caring for children. Sadly, many children in care are vulnerable; they may have faced trauma, abuse or neglect, or have suffered a bereavement.

Sadly, some children cannot stay at home because a parent or carer has become ill. They may be sick and are in hospital, and unfortunately, many children don’t have family who can look after them. It’s situations like these where the skills of experienced and caring people make such a massive difference to foster children…Can you foster?

Emergency Foster Care.

Emergency care foster carers need to be available during evenings and weekends, and they need to respond quickly when required. Often, children may need to swiftly placed with you, and consequently, you might not get the chance to meet beforehand.

Emergency foster carers typically offer care that will last from a couple of days to a few weeks while decisions are made about future care. There is a high demand for foster carers who can look after sibling groups; many of these groups include younger children and subsequently, keeping them together, for however long they are with you, is vital.

Short term foster care.

Many children need short term foster carers for many reasons. Sadly it may be that a parent or carer is suffering ill-health and is unable to care for them, and for other children, it may be that there is no immediate family who can care for them.

Not for Profit charities need people with the vital, relevant skills and experience that these children desperately need. Children may have faced a breakdown in a previous foster care arrangement; therefore, charities must take their time to find the right foster carers for these children.

Long Term Foster Care

Long term foster care is a type of care that requires consistent love and support with a loving fostering family. It is often where children and young people are not going back to their birth family and care from birth to adulthood. In long-term foster care, many children often need exceptional care and support with foster carers who give them nurturing care to provide them with a sense of belonging.

Subsequently, finding foster carers who have the skills to work consistently with a child, nurture a relationship with them, and support children to overcome barriers in a loving family home is an absolute must. For this reason, Not for Profit charities are dedicated to working together with you…because getting this right is vital.

Respite Foster Care.

Respite care or short break foster carers are so important. They give families or foster carers, who often don’t have a support network themselves, the chance to have a ‘much-needed break’. These carers often look after children who experience complex needs; consequently, respite carers who have the skills and experience to support them are in high demand.

A challenging home environment can be very stressful without a break; therefore, respite foster carers give ‘a valuable lifeline’ of support when needed most.

Parent & Child foster care

Parent & Child foster care includes supporting mums and their babies or supporting pregnant mums in preparation for their child’s birth. Sometimes, both parents and their child will need your support; however, Parent and Child foster carers are a highly skilled type of care. The placements are usually short term, and this type of foster care is highly specialised.

Not for Profit charities recognise the need to help Mums and their babies stay together; therefore, additional support and training is available to you. Consequently, when Parent and Child foster care is applied correctly, it is often the one thing that keeps Mums and their babies together.

Verve working together with Not for Profit charities…

Here at Verve, we are proud to represent Not for Profit fostering charities in our community. We offer you honest and ethical advice on foster care, the recruitment process, and charities representing your ethos and beliefs. Not for Profit charities invest every penny profit they make back into children’s services to ensure that all children have equal opportunities in life.

Are you a foster carer that is thinking about transferring to a fostering charity?

If you are a current foster carer who may be considering transferring or a previous foster carer, please get in touch. Not for Profit charities offer outstanding support 24/7. They care about getting it right for vulnerable children, and equally, for you too, their foster carers; because, without you, none of this is possible! There is a massive demand for new foster carers to meet the demand for the needed types of care. Can you be the difference to a child as a foster carer?

There is a massive demand for new foster carers that meets the need for charities and children’s care. Can you be the difference to a child as a foster carer? Contact Verve Recruitment today by completing the form below, and we will contact you back within 24 hours. Make today the day you start your fostering journey with a Not for Profit charity and Verve.

Can you foster?

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