Boy, staring ahead. The text reads Fostering older children & teenagers. What lies beyond the label?

Fostering teenagers – what lies beyond labels?

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Black and white image of a teenage boy staring ahead. Text reads, fostering teenagers, what lies beyond labels?

Article 39 – supporting children’s rights in residential care.

Article 39 is a small, independent charity that fights for the rights of children living in the state and privately-run institutions (boarding and residential schools, children’s homes, immigration detention, mental health inpatient units and prisons) in England.

The name, Article 39, is from Article 39 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which grants every child who has been abused or suffered other rights violations; the right to recover in environments where their health, self-respect, and dignity are nurtured. Verve supports Article 39 in their campaign #Keepcaringto18. This campaign calls on our government to make it law that every child receives care until their 18th birthday.

The government told the High Court in February 2022 that it would cost £500 million to ensure that all children live in a regulated care setting. It was too much, they said. They chose to protect only children aged fifteen and under; older children no longer have support.

Young girl crouched. Text reads foster carers see beyond the label, they see the child.

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