Foster Care – It’s all about the matching!

Vulnerable children need foster carers who can make a difference in their lives; therefore, matching children to suitable foster carers to meet the needs of children in care is crucial. Therefore, if we have a strong match between child and foster carer, then subsequently, there is more chance that children will settle and flourish.

However, matching applies to potential foster carers and the Not for Profits we support. Verve aim to match you to a Not for Profit who recognise your experience and skills in caring for children. Subsequently, when we match you together, a strong fostering partnership begins between you and the Not for Profit you match with.

Verve’s aim is simple; we match foster carers to Not for Profit’s correctly because when you have support, the children you will care for will have support. And ultimately, it is the difference between placements breaking down or vulnerable children settling and getting chances in life they deserve.

This way is the Verve way; we don’t rush; we take our time, and subsequently, we match right.

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