Are you thinking about fostering with a Not for Profit Charity?

Maybe some of the F.A.Q’S could help?

I want to foster babies and younger children only, where is the best place for me start my enquiry?

If you are looking to foster babies and younger children; I suggest that you speak with your Local Authority. All children are placed in the care of your Local Authority. They use their in-house foster carers before referring to external agencies or charities; this does not mean that other agencies will not have babies or younger children placed with them. It means that there is more likelihood of you having younger children placed with you with your LA than with another agency. There is another specialist type of fostering; Parent and Child foster care to consider if you would like to care for babies. This type of care is very much in demand and Not for Profit Charities have Outstanding support networks in place. You can find more details on this type of foster care on this link   Parent and Child foster care… – Verve Recruitment

Do you have to be able to drive and have a car if you want to foster a child?

Driving children to meetings and contacts, dental runs, schools, and everyday life will be very restricting if you cannot drive or have access to a car; especially if you live in rural locations where public transport can be limiting. You would also need to consider the distance you would have to travel for training, and what type of foster care you will be looking to do? Emergency care and short term care fostering often means that children will be in the same schools, and this is vital for children to have this continuity in their life. Therefore, you may have to travel further afield to take children to school etc. The agency will discuss these details with you at your initial call; it is essential to have a close family or friends network to support you; especially with travel and driving.

Can you foster children if you are a smoker or use a vape?

Many agencies and Local Authorities states that smokers and people who vape can become foster carers; however, you will only have children aged over five years placed with you. This advice is a guideline only, as many agencies and Charities have their own rules regarding this. Many will not accept you unless you have stopped smoking and been vape free for at least 12 months; subsequently, it is advisable to check with each agency you speak to regarding their smoking and vaping policies on your initial call.

Do you have to own your own home to foster, I’m in rented property, and what should I do if I’m thinking of moving home?

You can become a foster carer if you rent your home; however, you will need to have permission from the landlord to use the property to foster. One thing to consider is the type of lease that you have and how long you have lived in the property? You would need to offer continuity to children in care; many children do not need further disruption in their lives; they need stability. Therefore, if you are thinking about moving home, it may be wise to wait until you have settled in before you begin your fostering journey. It is especially true if you are moving into a new area where you are not familiar. Many agencies suggest that you wait at least in 6 months before you begin your assessment after you have moved in.

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