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Step Down Foster Care

Step Down foster care is a highly specialised type of foster care and one of the least known. Step Down foster carers help children who have lived in a residential care setting over a long period to re-adjust to living back within a family again.

As the name suggests, it is a step by step process to enable this transition to be successful. More importantly, many of these children will not have lived with foster parents due to the nature of their trauma; sadly, many children need 1:1 specialist residential care.

Thus, Step Down foster care is not for the faint-hearted; it is for the determined, and it is the difference that young people that are leaving care need.

‘Making the decision to foster is a challenge, especially when there are so many types of foster care to choose from. The articles below are the main types of foster carers that are most in demand; Parent & Child, Sibling Foster Care and older children and teenagers who may need additional support…’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sibling Foster Care

There is a considerable demand for foster carers to care for siblings because keeping families together is essential. Children need to have a sense of identity and belonging, and sibling groups feel this simply because they belong with each other. Many siblings feel the sense of loss of siblings more acutely than the loss of a parent; these children are their own safe place, their comfort blanket; and ultimately; the loss of each child as a family is the hardest one to bear.

What is Emergency Foster Care?

Emergency Care Foster carers need to be available during evenings and weekends and are required to respond as quickly as possible when the need arises. Often, children in care will need placing swiftly; consequently, you may not get the chance to meet with the children beforehand. Emergency foster carers typically offer care that might last from a couple of days to a few weeks while Social workers and courts decide on the future care of children. There is a high demand for emergency care foster carers to look after sibling groups; many of these groups include younger children, and it is vital to keep siblings together no matter how long they need you.

What is respite foster care?

Respite care or short break foster carers are so important. They give families or foster carers, who often don’t have a support network themselves, the chance to have a ‘much-needed break’. Quite often, these carers look after children who experience complex needs; consequently, respite carers that have the skills and experience to support these children are in high demand. A challenging home environment can be very stressful without a break; therefore, respite foster carers give ‘a valuable lifeline,’ of support when needed most.

What is short term foster care?

Many children need  short term foster carers for many reasons. Sadly it may be that a parent or carer is suffering ill-health and is unable to care for them, and for other children, it may be that there is no immediate family who can care for them. Children may have faced a breakdown in a previous foster care arrangement; therefore, it is vital to take the time to find the right foster carers for these children. Many new foster carers worry about having a child with them for a short period and a ‘bond’ developing between them; however, often this is the case. It is not unusual for a foster child to still be with the short term placement when they are 18. If that bond of attachment for both of you is firm, why break it? 

What is Long-term foster care?

Long term foster care is a type of care that requires consistent love and support with a loving fostering family. It is often where children and young people are not going back to their birth family, and involves care that can be from birth to adulthood. Many children in long term foster care often need specialist care support with foster carers who give them nurturing care to provide them with a sense of belonging. Subsequently, finding foster carers who have the skills to work consistently with a child, to nurture a relationship with them, and who can support children to overcome barriers in a loving family home, is an absolute must. For this reason, Not for Profit charities are dedicated to working together with you; because getting this right is vital.

The Secret of Verve CIC

Verve CIC recruits only for Not for Profit charities, and we are constantly looking to find foster carers who meet the needs of the children they support. To do this, we work with you and explore the skills you have and what you want from fostering; after all, your skills and experience in caring for children make charities even more outstanding!

24/7 support for you

As a foster carer with a Charity, you will have 24/7 support, usually with a team that never change because you need consistency of support with people you trust and more importantly, know you.

24/7 support for children

Equally important, all children cared for by Not for Profit’s have 24/7 support by the same dedicated team who supports them individually, building strong and consistent relationships.

Outstanding Training

You will have access to Outstanding training and support to ensure your skills are up-to-date and relevant.

You are respected

Not for Profits recognise and respect the skills that every foster care brings with them to help vulnerable children.

Verve Recruitment CIC donates profits made by recruiting foster carers with Not for Profit Charities to create and manage campaigns in which we support our community.
These campaigns make a huge difference in the lives of families, and this is due to the kindness and support of everyone who works with us.
Verve CIC does not use public grants or receive funding; we are self-reliant and fully intend to stay that way. We hugely appreciate your support; Thank you.’

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Can you foster?The most in-demand types of foster care are Sibling foster carers & Mother & Baby foster carers to keep families together. Most importantly, we need foster carers to support older children and teenagers, and with your help, create better futures.