The Veterans Hub, Leigh, CIC operates from the Spinners Mill, Leigh.

The newly renovated Spinners Mill is now a bustling hub for over 70 local charities, CICs, and community enterprises to call home. Managed by MP Jo Platt, the Veterans Hub, and Verve Community CIC work alongside the Spinners Mill community to engage young minds and the community of Leigh.

Verve Community CIC – We need a Veterans Hub in Leigh…

I met Jo Platt, MP, initially through my knitting campaigns. Jo aimed to help veterans and knew the need for a hub dedicated to Leigh Veterans.
Jo understands the community of Leigh, and its Veterans, in which she serves as an MP.
I knew it too…

Salford Veterans Breakfast Club CIC.

I originally helped setting up of the original Salford Veterans Breakfast Club at Pendleton Church, Salford over 8 years ago.

Veterans get together over a brew.

It’s purpose was simple. Veterans, coming together over a brew. Pulling up a sandbag and chatting, and providing company when it was needed most.

Listening and helping.

Friendships formed and relationships were built. And, over time, others came onboard who listened and helped. They fundraised and throughout the pandemic, they made life better. They were, and are wonderful people.

Leigh Veterans, a positive force in the community.

The Armed Forces Veterans of Leigh and its community proudly support those who need help. They just get on with helping each other and don’t seek recognition nor recognise labels. They are good people, doing good things. I am proud to support them.

The Veterans Hub, Leigh, CIC promoting positivity…

The Veterans Hub, Leigh, CIC are Armed Forces Veterans and Verve Community CIC working together.

The support we received from the Armed Forces and the community of Leigh and Wigan was truly heart-warming.

Mainly, it’s because we don’t shy away from the truth. We refuse to label veterans as victims to secure funding. Both the Armed Forces and local community receive support at the hub as we come together over a brew and listen. As we listen, we share knowledge from within our local and Armed Forces community; just as the Veterans of Leigh and Verve Community CIC have done for years…

Our Partners include…

Donations enable us to get the renovation work done.

The Veterans Hub, Leigh CIC paperwork is now signed and awaiting approval. The bank account is yet to be opened, but, ready and waiting. In the meantime, Verve Community CIC pays the rent for the Veterans Hub. Donations to support the set up of the Hub is most appreciated.  

Donations can be made direct to Verve Community CIC. Account number 48220560. Sort Code 30-96-26. All monies donated will go towards the renovation of the hub and rent.

Thank you.