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Verve Community CIC is self-funded. We don’t use grants or apply for funding, as we are old-fashioned and like to pay our way. However, sometimes we get donations, like the one we had recently from Wigan Council’s Brighter Borough fund.

Thanks to Labour Counsellors from Lowton, Garry Lloyd, and Jenny Gregory, and the £1500.00 donated from the Brighter Boroughs pot, we purchased new flooring for the tea room. We set up the Tea Room to bring a place of respite over a cup of tea and a slice of cake in a mad world. It’s doing its job very well, and the record player, playing Dean Martin and music to lose yourself to, works its charm.

The Tea Room, nestled in the heart of Spinners Mill, Leigh, Greater Manchester, is more than just a place for tea and cake. It’s a hub where charities and not-for-profits unite, leveraging the power of community over a shared cuppa. It’s a haven for local mums, offering knitted baby clothes and toys at no cost, alleviating financial stress in these challenging times. Your donations directly support these initiatives, making a real difference in our community.

We opened in January, but we had a flood. So, we ripped everything out and started again. The kindness of our community as they pulled together was charming and deeply appreciated. However small, donations help. They pay for the hot water boiler we so desperately need. They pay for wool so our ladies who knit can keep on knitting to help mums today and do what they love best. Making a difference.

If you could help, please contact us using the form below or the donate button below.

Thank you. x

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