Donations make a huge difference, can you help?

Verve Community CIC collaborate with not for profits, charities and local businesses who make a difference when it’s needed most.

However, Verve too needs a base, and whilst we are very good at shouting out for others, we tend to hide under a Bushell ourselves.

Now, we change the narrative as we move into our Verve Community CIC hub at the former Millage café at the Spinners Mill.

Donations are greatly appreciated as we have always been self-funded. However, the hub where our campaigns live, and where mums can call in, without judgement and get knitted baby clothes, free of charge to keep babies snug, as intended.

It’s also a warm space with contact rooms. That’s important to keep families together because we know there’s nothing that can’t be sorted out with coffee and cake and prices that reflect the world today. Any support you can offer to help us achieve this is greatly appreciated.

Donate to Verve Community CIC.

Thank you.

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