Inspirational people teaching a child to colour in a picture.

Inspirational people inspire vulnerable children to a better future.

There has never been a greater need for inspirational people to come forward as foster carers than now. It is no longer about rainbows; children are aware of a change and have questions that need answers. The coronavirus is causing us all to reassess our lives, and now more than ever, our children look to us for inspiration because we are the future to them.

Ultimately, children trust us to answer and look after them, so they don’t need to be scared. However, this is not how it is for vulnerable children in care. They now, more than ever, need inspirational foster carers to guide them, make them feel safe, and be their inspiration as they lead children in care to a better future.

Inspirational people are leading the way.

Inspirational people who understand children are vital. It is not enough to have a spare bedroom for a vulnerable child; they need more than this. They need people who will understand them, lead by example, and show them the right way in life. More than ever, they need your patience to inspire them, guide their way, stay the course, and never, ever quit on them. No matter what they throw at you because they will test you. Sadly, we let children down too often, and it will take time for them to learn to trust again.

Inspirational people see the world through the eyes of a child.

Inspirational people who work with children or successfully raise their own families view the world through children’s eyes. These people understand vulnerable children and get the ‘silent pain’ that some children feel.

They instinctively know they have felt something similar and know that children act out behaviour. However, some children learn to get attention, frustration and anger, or ‘acting out, ‘ which is the only way some learn. Equally, some people instinctively know because of their own lives when sadly, looking through a child’s eyes was their own safe space.

Inspirational foster carers inspire children to be children…

Inspirational foster carers know that children who have complex needs have many layers; they are tough. To these children, crying is a weakness they have learned to control, and this control is the way they handle life; sadly, the truth is that many vulnerable children in care will not know how to cry. They often are desensitised to their feelings; they understand that no one appears to care, so what’s the point? So, this is why we never give up on children, and foster carers allow children to be children.

Children are Superheroes too!

Inspirational people help children to be whoever they want to be…

Children explore their feelings through play; a child’s imagination is a beautiful tool to inspire and protect. When a child plays, the world is a better place, and they are with the Superheroes they aspire to.

Inspirational foster carers understand the power of play, and their heroes can allow children to be children, which, as a result, gently removes the negative triggers. With consistent love and support and never giving up, children realise that Superheroes are not just on TV. These Superheroes are now with them every day, leading the way with a family to let them be who they want to be. They are inspirational foster carers who understand and never give up on them!

Inspirational people teaching a child to colour in a picture.

Inspirational foster carers are the real Superheroes…

For many people, the decision to foster is a difficult one to make for many reasons. Maybe we think our lives are not as successful enough. Perhaps we may have faced things we want to keep parked away, and subsequently, we could re-open again.

But how do children in care measure your success? For these children, foster carers are not an empty bed in a house that accommodates them. Real foster carers are the Superheroes; they are the real change-makers who do not give up on them and have learned to get them.

They are the people they have learned to trust, inspiring them to get on with being children. Subsequently, they have chosen to be foster carers, carefully selected the right agency for them; and dedicated themselves to never giving up on a child. To do this, they know they must work together as a team, to be the inspirational voice that children need and advocate for them, and even more importantly, to learn and evolve to maintain their Superhero status continually.

Verve logo

Verve recruits inspirational people who make a difference.

Verve recruits foster carers for Not for Profit fostering charities; we believe in putting children before profit. Fostering charities put every penny back into their services to children, families, and communities; with ‘outstanding’ foster carers, they will continue to support vulnerable children.

Not for Profit charities care about their foster carers. They offer you exceptional and consistent support and training 24/7 to do what you have set out to achieve. With their outstanding foster carers and dedicated support, children have a chance to flourish and have a better future.

Today’s life is different from our childhoods. No matter our age, life today is more complex than we have known it before. The country is going backwards; we need inspirational people who are not afraid to speak for children. We need people who advocate for a child and speak out when needed. We need people who understand that trauma and pain are often the paths many children have travelled.

Inspirational people know that being different is good…

We need people to come forward as foster carers who know their minds and are not afraid to be different. More importantly, children need to learn that difference is good.

Are you the inspiration that vulnerable children need; can you inspire young minds and help them realise that their past will not define them? History, for all of us, is in the past. Children have a future, and it must be bright. More importantly, children need compassion and care to heal from trauma, with guidance to a future filled with love.

Can you foster? If you want to learn more about fostering with a Not-for-Profit Charity, get in touch today, and let’s talk fostering…Together, we can make a difference and inspire children to have a better future.


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