Is 2021 the year to lead your dream of becoming a foster carer?

Our actions and decisions made today will shape the way we will be living in the future. Why not do something today that your future self will thank you for; make 2021 the year you achieved your own dream; the year you became a foster carer with a Not for Profit Charity?

For many people, 2020 has been a year where fear of the unknown shapes us; and the year where COVID 19 could define us. It has also been a year where we are emerging with a greater acceptance for change; the old life we once treasured; didn’t make us happy.

This unhappiness was genuine for many children; Coronavirus shaped the path where children led the way with rainbows and kindness; subsequently, we followed and learned.

Children leading the way with rainbows and kindness…

The future in 2021 is exciting; because there was one group of individuals leading the way with kindness and rainbows that ultimately led us to a better understanding of their world; children.

Through kindness, our children taught what they truly wanted; they wanted a family to spend time with them and be a part of our lives; not just a quick hug as we rush past.

They wanted to belong, and we achieved this by closing our doors and becoming families.

The path children led taught us to look beyond and plan for a different future. The awareness of foster care for vulnerable children is often at the back of many people’s minds.

People mean to do it rather than do it and make it real; it doesn’t mean we don’t care. It means that our lives’ rush with the constant cycle of trying to fit everything in; we become overwhelmed and, as a result, we begin to wonder when we would have the time to fit it in?

Maybe now really is the right time for becoming a foster carer?

Subsequently, Coronavirus came; we locked in our homes and then realised that we have all the time in the world!

The mad panic that became our life stopped; maybe now is the right time to achieve your dream of becoming a foster carer after all?

Perhaps, for children in care, waiting for loving homes and foster carers to look after them, this might be their time; I hope so.

child with a rainbow outfit looking through the window
Is it time to be inspired by our children and let them lead the way?

Charities leading the way with Outstanding foster carers…

There is a vast demand for foster carers. The three most in-demand types of carers are Parent and Child, sibling groups keeping children together and highly skilled people with experience in caring for children with additional needs.

There is also a considerable demand for older children and teenagers that need help and stability to plan for their future.

Charities and Local Authorities work together in matching foster carers with vulnerable children who can give vulnerable children the proper support they need.

Every child’s need is unique; it is the job of Local Authorities to find foster carers that can satisfy these needs, which is not easy.

Cutbacks and austerity have reduced the vital services of support in our communities; subsequently, charities had stepped in like never before. They help ensure that every person, family, and child has access to support networks and resources the charities bring.

Their outstanding support is why Verve will only recruit foster carers for Not for Profit Fostering Charities. Every penny profit is spent on children and young people, protecting families to wherever possible becoming vulnerable.

Charities leading the way with Outstanding support when it matters most…

Not for Profit fostering charities provide Outstanding support; however, they have excelled going way and beyond expected during the pandemic.

The Charities teams regularly take children to school and support foster carers and their families affected by Coronavirus by helping with the small things. Offering homework tuitions and creating activities to make sure children have as little disruption as possible.

For many children in foster care, consistency and stability with minor changes are vital. They have often faced significant trouble in their lives previously.

Children must have peace and a feeling of belonging; any minor disruption to a child that has been through trauma is damaging. Children’s welfare is paramount.

The dedicated teams caring for children ensure foster carers get all the support they need; if this means learning long division to help homework; or read Peppa Pig on demand, this is what they do!

Verve leading the way in foster care recruitment…

Ultimately, Verve aims to find foster carers with skills and experience in caring for children to get in touch. We work with you, clarifying the fostering role and understanding your dreams of becoming a foster carer.

Subsequently, we connect you to a Not for Profit charity that recognises your skills and thus, they work with you to enhance your skills. You will also have regular training and support with a highly qualified and dedicated team behind you every step of the way.

Not for Profit Charities are recruiting foster carers and their families to become part of their fostering families. Verve aims to increase the number of Outstanding foster carers with Charities, reduce the number of children placed in Independent Fostering Agencies, and, as a result, reduce the high fees they charge.

Foster carers leading the way with the help of Suri and Peppa Pig!

It is vital to recruiting foster carers that can give time, experience and love to vulnerable children, no matter how long they may need you.

It is essential to foster carers and their families feel a sense of belonging to the Charities they represent. Ultimately, it would help if you had support because children need foster homes where reading Peppa Pig is on-demand and where Suri and Google provide the answers when we don’t understand the questions; never mind know the answers.

Ultimately, we need foster carers to know that it is okay not to know all the answers; because you have a team behind you that will get answers for you.

Our dedication is finding foster carers to share their homes and their lives with vulnerable children. People dream of becoming foster carers and understand children’s needs; in a home where children and young people feel safe and loved.

A home where children can paint rainbows, push our buttons, and ultimately lead the way, as children do!

If you would like information on foster care with a Not for Profit Fostering Charity, please get in touch. There’s no cost, just simple and straightforward advice to give you the clarity you need to make the realisation of your foster care dream come true!

Can you foster?


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