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Is 2022 the year you made a difference for children in care?

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As another year draws close, will your New Year’s resolution for 2022 be the year to make a difference for children in care? For many of us, 2021 was an extension of 2020. We expected bad news and saw hope at the end of the tunnel dim as new rules and changes brought fear daily. Nothing much changed except life became harder, and we grew accustomed to it.

However, many of us accepted the change; but then we grew a little weary as we realised those we depended on to make decisions hadn’t a clue. Subsequently, we adapted and learned that maybe, the changes we want are ours to make; is it time to start looking at how we can make a difference together?

Is 2022 the year we took control back and led our lives our way?

We become conditioned by the ‘fear of the unknown;’ by experts who purport to know best; we become conditioned not to expect our dreams to come true as the harsh reality of life hits, and therefore, we give up.

We see more children and families struggling, even families at work, and the pandemic acerbates this with its ferocity. Austerity and poverty are not how life should be. However, we mustn’t give up on our dreams because children, especially vulnerable children in care, need us.

Maybe 2022 is the year we take back control of our lives before the lunatics take over the asylum and make 2022 the year we make a difference; together.

Are you the difference he needs? Can you foster?

More children are in care than ever before.

The number of children in care is now higher than ever, and many live in expensive residential care homes that don’t meet their needs. Thankfully, many children live with foster carers or family members under special guardianship orders with their Local Authorities in the community they love.

Sadly, many more children are waiting for foster carers with skills and experience in caring to meet their needs. As a result, we need more people to realise their foster care dreams and make a difference for these children. However, some potential foster carers say they have skills in caring for children and want to help them. The biggest worry is how they can afford it and what support they will get.

For many people, foster care is a calling. It is a feeling of something they must do. More importantly, foster carers make a difference for children in our community; the best way to do this is the ‘Not for Profit‘ way.

Not for Profit Charities and Community Enterprises are making a difference.

There is a rumour that our economy will recover as Not for Profit, Charities, and Community Interest Companies lead the way forward. The reason for this? Many successful businesspeople have moved into this sector, bringing a wealth of experience that previously made corporate businesses enormous profits for shareholders and Directors.

Also, many people with skills and experience in care have set up more successful Community Enterprises than ever before. They network with like-minded businesses and Charities to support vulnerable people and families in our communities. Often, they have a mutual aim. They took back control of their lives; they knew there was another way. This way was to come together and make a positive difference in their community; it’s working.

However, not-for-profit-fostering charities need more people to lead the way. They need foster carers with skills and experience caring for children to meet their needs. And to do this, they are committed to providing consistent support networks to meet your fostering needs.

Replacing retired foster carers is tough; they are big boots to fill!

Statistics for foster care show a need for more foster carers; the number of children in care grows, and the number of foster carers grows less. There is no main reason for this reduction in foster carers; many outstanding foster carers have made a huge difference in children’s lives in their fostering careers and have now retired. These foster carers have big boots to fill, and the most challenging part of foster care recruitment is to do just that.

Fostering is who they are, giving them happy and fulfilling lives. Fostering allowed them to make a difference for many children; however, the most significant difference was the difference the children left with them. These foster carers often say that fostering was natural for them; it was a calling.

These children left a footprint in their hearts and are a treasured memory. The outstanding love and care they gave helped children learn to love again; equally, they gave their love back in equal measure, and love is a measure of your calling, and the impact of love stays within your hearts forever.

Foster carers who make a difference in children’s lives leave big boots to fill; Can you foster?

Caring is the motivation to make a difference.

For many people, the motivation for fostering is a calling; it is a feeling you must do. Caring is your sense of purpose; it is right from wrong and who you are. Your caring skills are the difference children need; without you, they will not have the chances in life they deserve.

People who care know the best path intuitively for a child to travel. No matter how much they push your buttons, they will never give up on a child in need! Furthermore, they stay by children’s sides to catch them if they fall, carrying on.

Be the difference she needs; can you foster?

I made 2019 the year I made a difference in my way.

Three years ago, after working in foster care recruitment for an IFA, I decided there had to be another way. I wanted to make a difference; I didn’t know how to do it, but I knew I would find a way. So, I put my money where my mouth was and took a leap of faith because I knew it was wrong to work for a business that made huge profits from children in care.

Even though it was one I hated, taking that leap from a full-time job was a gamble. At times I doubted my sanity. However, through the tenacity of spirit or madness, I carried on and now recruit for Not-for-Profit Fostering Charities in England and Wales.

Verve Recruitment CIC, making a difference in foster care recruitment.

Verve Recruitment CIC has recruited foster carers with the skills and experience that Charities need to make a difference in children in our communities. These amazing foster carers now provide Parent & Child foster carers, asylum-seeking children, emergency care, and short-term and long-term foster care. Furthermore, these foster carers now support vulnerable children and young people in safe and loving homes.

I knew from our conversations that fostering, to them, was a calling. The motivation to foster was inherent, and I knew that matching them correctly and matching children to them was important. More importantly, foster carers chose Verve because I took my time to match them with a Charity that represented their skills and listened to them. This is important because child abuse and neglect are the highest reasons children are in care.

Are you the difference that children in care need? Can you foster?

Is your New Years’ resolution the year you made a difference?

Taking the leap of faith isn’t easy; good things often don’t come easy. Foster care is challenging; it is complex, and it is enriching. However, you must have a strong support network with professional, caring people to enable you to foster. And for this reason, I chose the Not-for-Profit sector. Their support is outstanding, 24/7, for you and the child you care for; together, we make a difference in children’s lives.

Is this the year you make a difference in children’s lives?

Will your New Years’ resolution for 2022 be the year you made a difference? Contact me on the form below if you want to chat about foster care with a Not-for-Profit Charity. It’s free, and there is no commitment, just straightforward advice to give you clarity on foster care. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of children in care.

Happy New Year, and please, stay safe.

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