Is foster care a dream or cherished ambition for your future in 2021?

We are nearing the end of a year that has been forgettable yet memorable in so many ways. 2020 came roaring in, and it has caused many people to have no choice but to reassess their lives.

Sadly it has been a year when changes have far-reaching consequences, especially with families and businesses lost due to the pandemic’s effects. However, it has also been a year to re-build your fostering dreams and make them into reality; these cherished ambitions that were once on hold’ until we found the right time; now appears to be the right time after all.

Christmas time reflects family get-togethers and spending time with our loved ones, but this is sadly often not the case for children in care. Subsequently, more foster carers are needed now than ever before, and the numbers of foster carers are decreasing.

An ever-changing world of technology and Social media has changed our landscape.

Today’s world has an ever-changing presence, with Coronavirus altering the face of our lives. Technology and Social media have dramatically changed the landscape for everyone; subsequently, safeguarding children has brought a much more sinister presence from this than any virus could.

This digital world has created a whole new perception of foster care for young people because the danger is often unseen. This danger hides behind Social Media; it is a ‘new world’ for many people considering fostering, especially older foster carers.

Consequently, it is a reason why many people are discouraged from enquiring; they feel they are not tech-savvy enough to understand this world. Are they too old to come to grips with new ways?

Children can miss out on a generation of care unless we work together.

Consequently, children in care are missing out on generations of care that has enormous positive advantages for them.

Can you imagine a world where there was no social media, a world where you played out all day and just came back in when you were hungry, and the street lights were the only way you knew what the time was?

The role of foster carers is the same today as it has always been; providing children with a safe and loving home when they can’t be with their own families.

Children are in care for many reasons, and these children are vulnerable; often, these children may have suffered massive trauma in their lives. Subsequently, they need stability, kindness, patience and love in a home to feel safe and loved.

This home is a home where they can learn to trust again, and this is where no amount of technology can compete.

Because empathy, compassion and understanding come from the heart, it comes from experiences in life. Ultimately, these are why a child makes progress through their trauma and, as a result, build a future where their dreams will become a reality.

Children in care need foster parents to make them feel safe and loved.

Foster carers unite in embracing change and skills for children in care.

When looking into becoming a foster carer, many people often exclude themselves and create barriers to fail automatically.

The teams at the Not for Profit fostering charities understand this, and they also know that each foster carer is as unique as each child. The skill is to match those skills together; there is a gap; they bridge this by uniting support networks.

Consequently, the needs of both children and foster carers together are met; ultimately, it blends with kindness and love. Each person’s needs; barriers overcome with as little disruption as possible to everyone’s lives; more importantly, cherished ambitions are fulfilled.

Meeting challenges as a team to overcome barriers.

After all, when challenges meet as a team, we will overcome barriers; because at the heart of everything we do is the sole purpose and ethos that unite us.

This ethos ensures all children have equal opportunities and chances in life; in a world that moves with a more incredible speed than ever before. However, life’s fundamental qualities and basic needs are still the same, regardless of digital media and technology.

Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ five-stage pyramid

Self-actualisation is not just a hierarchy of basic needs. It is a basic need for a safe and loving home to feel safe, protected, and secure, a need for children and adults alike.

Ultimately, it is a fundamental human right. A digital world can showcase this world’s evils and provide a window where children can access it.

However, a human intervention based on kindness and inherently a sense of right and wrong is the guidance that vulnerable children in care need.

Breaking barriers and showing the way forward for children.

These skills, combined as a team, make foster carers into ‘outstanding’ foster carers. Children in care flourish because foster carers take barriers and break them by leading the way for children not to be afraid.

girl reading a book while sitting a window with a Christmas tree
Breaking barriers for children in care.

Here at Verve, we are proud to work together with Not for Profit, fostering charities. Of course, we endorse their ethos; also, we support their underlying principles.

A corporate business should not profit from children in care; for this reason, we create engaging articles and campaigns to recruit new foster carers.

Verve; breaking barriers in foster care recruitment.

Verve Recruitment is not afraid of leading the way forward; we describe ourselves as the change-makers in foster care recruitment.

Verve dedicates itself to recruiting foster carers of all ages, ethnicities and cultural divides to ensure children have equal chances and opportunities in life they deserve. We can do this by matching every foster carer with a Not for Profit charity to support their unique skills in caring for children.

Ultimately, we want Not for Profit charities to be the preferred partner of choice for Local Authorities.

More importantly, we want to reduce the number of children placed with expensive IFA’s. Thus, this will enable budgets in children’s care to be used for the purpose-designed; to support vulnerable families and their children when they need it most.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Verve.

I want to say a huge Thank you to everyone who has supported Verve in the last two years since I walked away from an IFA.

My cherished ambition was to create, ‘A better way than this for foster care recruitment.’

And I did; I formed Verve, and I am proud of it.

Val Hogan – Owner of Verve Recruitment

If you would like more information about fostering with a Not for Profit fostering charity in your community, please contact us on the form below. We will be delighted to support you in your dream and help make your cherished ambitions of fostering a reality.

Have a wonderful Christmas; I hope it brings you peace in these very worrying times; I pray that 2021 is the door to a better future for each one of us.

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