Is now the right time to foster with a Not for Profit charity?

Life after lockdown has left many of us to question life before, it’s madness and speed left little time to do the things we really wanted to do. However, we now have the time to reflect, and for many, we are questioning; is now the right time to foster with a Not for Profit Charity? Coronavirus has awakened a need to do something more; stop ‘putting off things’ and stop ‘waiting for the right time’. We don’t know when the right time will be because everything has changed in our world, but not for children in care. They are still waiting for foster carers to give them a safe and loving home; they need to know, is now the right time to foster children in care with a Not for Profit charity?

Children go into the care system for many reasons; they may have suffered significant trauma, abuse, or neglect. Also, every child’s path in life is different, which means their needs are unique. They need safe and loving foster homes with foster carers to meet their needs. It is the least we can do; no child chooses this path; ultimately, they need homes with people who will care for them and never give up, no matter how hard they push their buttons.

These children need foster carers who understand children and why they display extreme behaviour. As a result, they know and understand that frustration and meltdowns are often the only way children can communicate.

child with headphones on. text reads, is now the right time to foster?

Foster carers are skilled in understanding children.

Children who have suffered trauma don’t understand affection or kindness because, sadly, they are de-sensitised to these feelings. As a result, their behaviour reflects the pain they have suffered and their attachments. And for many children, being silent is the preferred option; sadly, they know from experience to stay in the background; it’s safer.

Children go into care for many reasons, and most heart-breaking is the loss of a parent or carer. For these children, the trauma attached to bereavement will shake the foundations of a child’s world; their lives and safe place with the person they loved are now gone. Therefore, it is vital they get the skilled support they desperately need to help them manage their grief.

Verve Recruitment CIC- in partnership with ‘Not for Profit Charities.’

It is vital to create positive fostering partnerships with foster carers and the Not for Profit charities we work with; ultimately, this takes time. Therefore, we don’t rush the recruitment process. We work together with you, listening to your unique skills and motivation for fostering and ultimately; we connect you with a charity we feel reflects you. As a result, stronger fostering partnerships form with foster carers who feel valued; because they knew, that now, was the right time to foster.

Foster carers support children and don’t give up on them.

Foster carers are people with a deep understanding and empathy to understand why some children won’t let you. Also, when foster carers knew that now was the right time to foster; it was because they knew that making a child feel safe and belonging helps a child heal from trauma. More importantly, they know that children will hopefully learn to trust again with time, patience, resilience, and love. It’s not personal, and the best foster carers know this because foster care isn’t about us; it’s about children in care getting the proper support with the right people who won’t give up on them.

I have to add that those foster carers will need a bucketful sense of humour! Because all children have no rule books; they have their quirky ways, likes, and dislikes; thus, they are quick to let us know when we get it wrong!

Verve CIC; giving you clarity to decide if now is the right time to foster.

We are recruiting foster carers for the Not for Profit sector. The main types of foster carers they ned are Parent & Child, Sibling foster care and caring for older children and teenagers. There is a demand for people to give emergency care and short term and long term foster care. There is a growing need for respite foster carers who offer existing foster carers a much-needed break while, more importantly, knowing their foster child has consistent, high-quality care. Most importantly, vulnerable children need constant care with the familiarity of people they can trust.

Verve Recruitment CIC recruits foster carers for ‘Not for Profit’ charities exclusively, they invest in you with training and personal development; which often leads to your skills being recognised throughout the charity and its foster carers.

More importantly, they are charities who have supported their community for a long time, they are established and you will often have the same social worker from the first call, and who will be with you throughout your fostering career. These charities recognise that by investing in you, they invest in children’s care, which is why they invest every penny they make back into their support services. There are many organisations that say they have charitable status or ethos, however, these charities may only invest a percentage of profit, the rest goes to shareholders and directors.

Not for Profits invest every penny profit back into support services.

Verve Recruitment CIC invests its profits back into the community through campaigns to support vulnerable families, children and people within our community. We don’t have grants and funding, we are totally self-reliant and always will be. However, one thing we will always do is to establish that, if now is the right time for you to foster, we will match you with a Not for Profit that will be the right match for you. Subsequently, when we get that match right, you will be matched with the right children, and reduce the possibility of children being with the wrong foster carer and placement breakdowns.

If you want to find out about fostering through Verve CIC, please send me your details, and I’ll get back to you.

Make today unique; be the day you decide to foster with a not-for-profit charity and Verve CIC. Is now the right time for you to foster?



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