Life after lockdown…is it now time for a change?

Coronavirus is awakening us to recognise through our isolation that anything in life is possible. We realise that life after lockdown will be different, and actually, this might be a good time for a change?

The calmness we are now living in is much more preferable to the manic rush that we knew as life before. Subsequently, we find that life-changing decisions are being made because we are in no hurry to go back to our old lives.

This life now is more straightforward. It is kinder, and it is calmer; it is about family and our children, and our priorities are changing because of it.

Life after lockdown; time to take control?

Now is a time of self-discovery and awakening that we can control our lives and do things differently. The only thing that has stopped us from thinking like this before was life itself; it always got in the way!

Sadly, many people began to see family as a hindrance. We don’t appreciate kindness and the simple things because they had no significance attached to them for us. Ultimately, they were unnecessary because they often lost their use or purpose to us; we became shallow.

Life in lockdown has taught us to hear what we say when we speak, rather than the half an ear that was normal before. Usually, we rushed conversations and only listened to what we wanted and disregarded the rest because we didn’t have the time.

Now, we have all the time in the world, and as a result, we are hearing more and taking time to understand. Consequently, our senses have become attuned to each other, which has, in turn, given us an empathy that we didn’t relate to before.

Taking time to make decisions…

Making decisions in our lives is based on our mindsets as people. Are we a cup half full person or a cup half empty?

Ultimately, our mental health affects every part of our daily lives, and any positive or negative thought will affect our jobs, social relationships, and health. More importantly, it impacts the path that day will take and, as a result, any decisions made.

Taking control of our lives helps us decide on our future that otherwise would have stayed a ‘maybe, one day, daydream’. Staying home with our families has for so many become normal; sadly, it has made some families weaker. Alternatively, many families are now even stronger.

Many families who have been apart from each other became more potent; consequently, our life after lockdown means we will cherish them more than ever.

Children are waiting for change, can you foster?

Taking time to see the simple things in life…

Life now appears to have realigned itself back to a time before greed and material objects became idolised and is now a life where our values and beliefs align with our life values.

More importantly, these values and beliefs are now an integral part of our everyday ways.

This recognition has brought many people to see their own life path as defined as they thought. And maybe, it is possible to make changes? Our ‘maybe one-day daydreams’ could actually become a reality?

The reality of change now aspires us to explore an exciting future as change-makers for our lives after lockdown.

Time to control life after Coronavirus…

Coronavirus created a sinister presence that we can neither see nor feel. It is a war where the enemy has the upper hand because we do not know where it is; Therefore, Coronavirus has the power.

Alternatively, Coronavirus may have the power when we are a tremendous mass rushing around and are easily visible; however, it cannot creep up when we have locked ourselves away, hiding from it.

Consequently, we are taking control of our lives by staying indoors, protecting ourselves, and putting each other first for once.

Taking time to learn from children…

Children throughout the pandemic have been our heroes; their strength and resilience have been impressive. They have a simplistic view of life, and their values base on kindness, trust and honesty.

Sadly, many children do not have safe and loving homes and families who care for and support them. They have become invisible to the networks that have helped them; consequently, they are now vulnerable.

We need an army of angels who will guide these children as foster carers. Can you foster?

Coronavirus made many people reassess their lives and see the experience of lockdown had a positive impact that we never expected.

It has made us closer, and we are in no rush to resume the chaos of before. The chaos of life before Coronavirus does not compare to the joys of a family; subsequently, we appreciate the simple pleasures that children bring to our lives, just by being with us…

Is it time to consider becoming a foster carer?

Foster care is a career that makes a difference to a child’s life when they need it most. There are many careers out there that would undoubtedly be less challenging; however, few are as rewarding!

Take the first step to taking control by enquiring with us, and move forward on your ‘maybe, one day moment’ with a Not for Profit fostering charity that cares…

We have no idea what life after lockdown will bring, but we know it won’t be the same. However, children in care are still waiting for forever homes, with people who can care for them and help them to a brighter future.

If you would like to chat about fostering children and the support you will have from a Not for Profit Charity, please get in touch. It’s free, and there is no commitment, just honest advice on creating a successful fostering partnership with a Charity and you to support vulnerable children when they need us most.

Together, we can make a difference!

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