Verve Recruitment CIC – Directors & Ambassadors

Val Hogan - CEO Verve Recruitment

Val Hogan

Founder of Verve Recruitment CIC

Verve Recruitment CIC was initially set up for Foster Care Recruitment aimed at the Not for Profit sector. I had worked in recruitment for a very large Independent Fostering Agency, and whilst I loved my job, the ethos of the company didn’t fit. So, I put my money where my mouth is, cashed in my pension and set out to prove to myself, yes there is another way. This way is the Verve way. 

Thank you to Verve Director, Vicky Galligan for her patience and time in producing this podcast.

Verve Recruitment CIC – Armed Forces Directors

Claire Marie Street

Director – Armed Forces Veteran & Fostering Manager

Martin Dunwoody

Director – Armed Forces Veteran, Humanitarian Campaign & Mentoring Director

Mark Hatfield

Mark Hatfield

Director – Armed Forces Veteran, Volunteer & Mental Health Campaign Director

Steve Jones

Director – Armed Forces Veteran & Armed Forces  Pensions Advice Director.

Verve Recruitment CIC – Foster Care, Marketing and Campaign Directors.

Vicky Galligan

Director – Journalist, Labour Councillor & Social Media Campaign Manager

Yvonne Simms

Ambassador- Food Poverty & Children’s services Campaign Manager

Jocylin Croston

Director – Foster Care & Mental Health Campaign Manager

Maxine Casey

Ambassador – Student Nurse, NHS & Foster Care Campaign Manager 

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