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Fostering; Can you open your heart?

Can you open your heart to fostering a child in care with a Not for Profit fostering charity? We need foster carers to give safe and loving homes to children in care. These children need dedicated foster carers, homes and their families to support them when they need it most and give children the chances in life children deserve. Equally important, they need foster carers to work together with the dedicated teams that Not for Profit Charities provide, sharing skills and experiences in caring for children.

Verve recruits for “Not for Profit” Charities because of the outstanding support networks they have for children and young people in care. These support networks are often part of the framework of care charities provide. Often these Charities are part of broader social welfare organisations that have supported vulnerable children and families for decades; subsequently, they are highly respected. We respect the services these Charities provide; they are often part of our communities’ fabric and seamlessly offer support when needed for the most vulnerable. However, Charities need to have outstanding staff to continue this care. Ultimately, Not for Profit Charities recruit outstanding foster carers; they know that children will continue to become vulnerable without this professional support network of foster carers and their families.

Many “Not for Profit” Fostering charities do not have vast numbers of Foster carers; they have smaller teams of foster carers who have outstanding skills in caring for children. More importantly, they have foster carers with skills, kindness, compassion and time to dedicate to children when they are vulnerable. The foster carers who represent charities are a valued partner in the foster team because they have a shared ethos; they share similar values. As a result, strong fostering partnerships develop.

What skills do I need for fostering?

You would need a spare bedroom, to be over 21 years of age and in good health. Patience, kindness, and time to devote to a vulnerable child who may have suffered trauma in their life are essential. Sadly, many children have often felt ‘let down’; however, experience shows that foster carers’ consistency of care, patience, kindness, and love enable children to flourish. Children begin to feel valued as part of a family, and most importantly, they have a sense of belonging.

It doesn’t matter if you are a single person or married/ in a relationship. It is equally unimportant whether you own your home or live in a rented property. Ultimately, charities need people that are motivated to changing children’s lives; whilst giving children a secure future within a safe and loving home. To achieve this, we work together in partnership with you and Not for Profit charities. Consequently, we know it is vital for you to do what you need to do; you need support from the very beginning. Without this support, you can’t give children the essential care they need; thus, we take our time, and we do it right.

It is vital to keep children in their own community.

Wherever possible, Not for Profit charities aim to place children within their community; however, this is sadly not always possible. Therefore, increasing the number of foster carers with charities enables Local Authorities to place more children locally; thus, this reduces the numbers of children placed with expensive IFA’s. As a result, fewer children need to move away; we can keep them local, which means they retain family connections. Children can stay in their schools, continuing to be a part of their community. More importantly, children keep a sense of belonging to a community from which they were born.

The most important thing is finding the right people with the right skills that match the child’s needs.

Verve; creating fostering partnerships.

Verve Recruitment offers expert advice to help you find your pathway to fostering a child’s care within your community. We aim to create a positive fostering partnership with Not for Profit charities; ultimately, ensuring your skills are recognised and you feel valued.

Verve offers you free and impartial advice on fostering and the requirements for fostering charities near you. We aim to establish a strong fostering partnership that represents you and your charity. Therefore, our priority is to take our time, and as a result, we get it right. Ultimately, our goal is to make your fostering journey a positive experience, leading to a successful fostering partnership together.

Find out more about fostering a child in care within your community with Verve. There’s no obligation; we offer honest and independent advice on the criteria to becoming a foster carer. Fill in the contact form below, and we will contact you back within 24 hours.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children in care; Can you foster?

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