We're Not A Fostering Agency

We are a recruitment agency here to compliment the services of Local Authorities, Charities, and Not for Profit Fostering agencies. We are looking to disrupt the current climate and make sure more of the available budgets ends up where it matters most: providing high quality care for the children who need it.

Verve are committed to supporting our Children's services that are vital to supporting our children and their families. Our aim is to help to recruit Foster carers to work alongside of our Local Authorities, Not for Profit Fostering agencies and Fostering charities, to Increase the number of carers who can fulfil their fostering demands. It is hoped this will reduce the expenditure Local Authorities are using for children's placements with Independent Fostering Agencies, because of the high fees they charge.

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Working Together

The team at Verve understand that the decision to enquire into becoming a Foster carer is one that you would not have made lightly and we respect you for this. We have vast experience in Recruiting and supporting Foster carers having worked within Independent Fostering Agencies, Local Authority and Fostering charities throughout the whole of the Fostering process, from Recruitment to panel approval.

Verve would aim to help you to make the decision in moving forward by providing you with clear advice on the types of Foster carers that are, and the unique benefits of working together with Not for Profit Fostering agencies, Fostering charities and our Local Authorities.

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Our Mission for Change

Too many times we have heard Social work managers make comments such as, “I was left fuming last week. One of our regular IFAs came in with a package well over the usual price because they knew we would have to pay - up. We had no alternative… they had us over a barrel and we paid. I’d like to be able to say we won’t use them again but I will have to.” Department of Education: Foster Care in England Review 2018 page 65.

We want to make a change not only for the social care services but ultimately the children who at the heart of everything we do.

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Who Can Foster?

Our foster carers come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups. We believe the most important criteria for becoming a foster carer is your ability to listen and empathise, to provide a stable and loving home and to speak up for the children you care for. Your sexuality, marital status, age and whether you own a home do not determine your suitability as a foster carer therefore will not impact your fostering application.

To be able to begin your fostering journey we do ask that you meet the following criteria:

  • You are over 21 years of age
  • You have a spare bedroom
  • You have to be a full time resident in the UK or have indefinite leave to remain
  • You have the time and availability for the Fostering Task

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