The Current Climate

The Department of Education reported in 2017 there was 32,940 children who were placed into the care system, 98% were aged 4-15 years and in care for 12 months or more (DofE Nov 2018). They advised the number of children being received into Local Authority care is increasing and so is the need for foster carers.

A lone child staring into the distance from a colourful house

An Increasing Demand for Foster Carers

The number of children being received into Local Authority care has increased further, and therefore the demand for Foster carers has grown, however, the number of Foster care applications are unfortunately reducing. Ahead of the Department of Education review (February 2018), councillors and Veteran Foster carers met with Government officials to discuss their concerns over Independent Fostering Agencies, especially the large Corporate agencies, and the effect that they were having on Local Authority budgets.

Research from the Corporate Watchdog showed that in 2014-2015, 8 commercial Independent Fostering Agencies made approximately £41 million profit between them, by providing foster care placements to Local Authorities. That figure is now set to rise due to the increasing number of children who have been placed into the Care system after the report was published.

We Are The Solution

Our experience in Foster care Recruitment shows us that there is a need for Independent and impartial advice with regards to Fostering and the process to becoming a Foster carer. We recognise that the decision to enquire may have taken a long time, and we respect this.

Our experienced and dedicated team will guide you through the minefield of information to reach the decision that works for you and your family. We will support you and be available to you during this process, and if the time isn’t right, that’s okay, we can reconnect with you again when the time is right.

We Care for Our Carers

Potential Foster carers have often told us that they enquired into Fostering and never had a call back, or if they did, they felt pressured into making a commitment by the agency they were speaking to. They have felt that they were dismissed because the agency did not offer the type of placements that they interested in, or were informed that they would only be approved for older children as this was all that was available to them. Many potential carers have been disheartened because of this hard sell approach and have been put off pursuing their enquiry with someone else.

We do not hard sell, we offer you advice with a view to finding the agency that works for you and your family. We operate exclusively supporting Not for Profit Fostering agencies and our Local Authorities and we do what we do because we care. We want to increase the number of Foster carers to meet the demands placed on our Local Authorities, we do this in an honest and ethical way. However, we do not want to increase the numbers of carers in a way that would be detrimental to you or your family.

A Safe, Loving, Home

Our aim is to ensure that a vulnerable child who comes to live with you will have a loving and safe home with a Foster parent who understands the valuable contribution that they can make to a child’s life.

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