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Short Term Care Explained

Short-Term Foster Care is absolutely vital for children who desperately need a place to stay, whilst a more permanent solution can be secured. Sadly, many children need to be taken out of dangerous situations very quickly, in these circumstances there isn’t time to search for the perfect placement.

Sadly, many children need to be taken out of dangerous situations very quickly...

There are a wide range of reasons why a child/ren will need short term foster care, it could be due to their birth parent’s unavailability due to illness, lack of parenting capacity/care, neglect or abuse. A child can also require a placement following a breakdown in arrangements with another foster carer or adopter.

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Could You Help?

Children need a safe, stable and loving home environment to support them if they are to be returned to birth family members or onto a permanent family. If you do have availability to care for a child long term and the match is appropriate for you, your family and the child’s long-term needs, a child can remain with you.

Short term fostering can be extremely varied...

Qualified social work teams will help to support and reassure you throughout. Short term fostering can be extremely varied and Fostering services will ensure you are equipped to manage the challenges and complexities.

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