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Step Down Care Explained

Unfortunately, due to limited availability of foster carers some Children and young people can often find themselves living in residential care, whilst they are looking for a foster home offering a loving, stable, family environment. Or sometimes a child or young person due to their childhood experiences need a specialist level of care that only residential group homes can provide.

However, as they receive support and care to address these issues, they develop to a point when they would be better supported by a loving family environment of their own, and a foster carer is sought.

This transition between residential and returning to a family setting can be extremely difficult and young people need someone who can understand and empathise with them.

These children will have experienced a lot of difficulties such as severe neglect and abuse, may have experienced multiple moves and will be coming from a residential (large group) setting. The child or young person will have done so well at the point a foster carer is approached, that only a family home would be able to better support them progress onto the next stages of their journey.

Got Questions?

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Could You Help?

There are opportunities to meet the child or young person for a successful match to be made, and introductions would be set over a time and pace the child needs. You would receive additional support in the early stages from the residential unit, there would be a carefully put together care plan so that all professionals and support would be in place to allow the move to be a successful one.

If you think you could help our advisors can give you all the information you need.

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