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Parent and Child foster care…

Parent and Child Foster Care is a specialist type of foster care to support parent/s and their children in the foster carers home.

Parent and Child foster care aim to either help mums prepare for their baby’s birth or assist new parents who adapt to parenthood and subsequently need additional support.

Sadly, there is a considerable demand for Parent and Child foster carers in our communities, which is growing; thus, it is a much-needed support network for many Mums and their babies to enable them to stay together.

Parent and Child foster care is a highly specialised type of care.

Parent and Child care is a highly specialised type of foster care; however, you have additional and ongoing training to support you.

Verve recruits foster carers for Not for Profits. The dedicated specialist training and support networks they give, combined with experienced Parent and Child Foster carers, bring a valuable support framework for vulnerable parents and their children.

Ultimately, the aim for all Not for Profits is wherever possible, Parent and Child Foster carers keep Mums/ Parents and their babies together.

Many young Mum’s have been in foster care themselves and feel let down.

Sadly, many Mum’s don’t have a solid supportive family network to help them and often face pregnancy alone. Some new Mum’s are vulnerable, and they are young women who have been in care or never had strong parenting themselves.

Often, these women will have faced abuse in their lives, and therefore, they find it hard to form secure attachments to anyone; this means they are vulnerable.

Firstly, it’s hardly surprising that many young Mums feel ‘let down’ and distrust others; secondly, mistrust causes them to build a barrier to protect themselves; and this barrier is hard to breakthrough.

Thirdly, and most important of all, for any new mum who has never felt a strong bond of attachment to anyone, it is hard for them to recognise it to their own babies. Subsequently, these women need help to understand and successfully respond to their feelings for their babies.

Parent and Child foster carers enable families to ‘dream big’ together…

The emotional support offered to young mums, combined with practical support to help build their confidence, is a framework aimed towards Mums and their babies living independent and happy lives together in the future.

Furthermore, this aim is how Parent & Child Foster carers and the Charities they represent excel. Parent and Child foster carers share their skills and experience supporting mums and their babies and accessing the vital services and networks with Charities, allowing parents a chance to build a secure future.

Ultimately, it’s a life where Mums and babies will get the stability they need and have the opportunities in life to ‘dream big’ together; as a family unit.

Not for Profits and Parent and Child foster carers keep Mums and their babies together.

Helping to remove the barriers of ‘labelling’ for Mums and their babies.

There are social factors that young people have come to rely on, and subsequently, they are barriers to achieving actual self-actualisation. Often these include drug and alcohol dependency, social and economic deprivation, and sadly, many are victims of ‘labelling.’

This ‘labelling’ can be from previous family history or associations, for example, getting in with the wrong crowd, or worse still, coming from the incorrect postcode. As a result, many children and young people are labelled and unsure how to move forward; they are alone and vulnerable.

Parent and child foster carers are specialist type of foster care. They are often highly regarded as the positive role models that young people need; by offering advice, guidance and nurturing parents to get the best outcome.

Simply, they allowed them to believe in themselves and start to feel confident that yes, they can do this; thankfully, they often do!

‘Mums were taken ‘under the wings’ of other women in the past.’

Mum’s who took many Mum’s in ‘difficulty’ under the wing’ of women’s past. These women knew when others needed help. Often, they had needed help themselves at some point in their lives or knew someone that had.

Subsequently, these women put them under their wing and just got on with helping; it was natural to them. These women learned that sharing skills and comforting is often the one thing that vulnerable Mum’s need.

However, many people are unused to kindness and find kindness hard to accept; sadly, they are suspicious of its motive.

Parent & Child Foster carers know this, so a mutual trust bond forms over time; most importantly, trust enables mum and baby to move on to a happy and successful life together.

The strong-minded women who stopped women ‘falling through the cracks…’

Sadly, today’s world is different, it has changed, and many women don’t have a secure network to support them. This network usually consisted of women that stopped you from ‘falling through the cracks.’

These strong-minded women of the past offered help when young mums needed it most. Subsequently, vulnerable women have never forgotten their kindness.

These strong-minded women became the reason families stayed together; thus, further generations of families have grown together, and these women continue to form strong communities.

They were the generations who walked before us, fearlessly paving the way for many families to stay together.

These strong-minded women were the change-makers of the past; we will never forget the kind-hearted support they gave to vulnerable women who needed it most.

You don’t need academic qualifications for Parent and Child foster care.

Parent and Child foster carers are a specialist type of Foster carer who don’t need academic qualifications, although that helps. These are women with life experience and skills in caring for children to support vulnerable young Mums.

These Foster carers share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise helping Mums and their babies to raise their children independently.

However, you are never alone as a Parent and Child foster carer; the support from Not for Profit Charities is Outstanding. They have supported vulnerable families and their children for decades; thus, they have a wealth of support for you to use.

However, and most important of all, Not for Profits have an enviable high success rate in keeping families together; because, ultimately, that is their aim.

Not for Profit Charities keep families together.

Not-for-profit charities are passionate about keeping families together and offer practical advice and support to achieve this. Their support is for many vulnerable families a lifeline as cutbacks, austerity and budget cuts mean that more families become vulnerable and face poverty.

Thus, we now have more families facing homelessness, and very often, there is no safety net to catch them.

Poverty, for many parents, becomes a real fear of being labelled as ‘vulnerable,’ and subsequently, professionals would take children into care.

Picture of a little girl with her headphones and listening to music.

Verve Recruitment is not a fostering agency. We are a recruitment service for Not for Profit charities that specialise in offering Parent and Child foster care in their communities.

Every Mum and her baby deserve a safe and loving home where they feel loved and belong. Coronavirus appears to make us realise the importance of homes and our families; subsequently, we appear to have become kinder and accepting of others because, sadly, we see many are becoming vulnerable themselves.

Therefore, as strong-minded change-makers of future generations, we have to help vulnerable Mums, and their babies get their best chance in life.

The need for Parent and Child foster carers has never been higher; could you help?

For many people today, life is more challenging than ever before; therefore, the need for Parent and Child foster carers has never been higher.

If you would like to have a chat about fostering with a Not for Profit as a Parent and Child foster carer, please fill in the contact form below, and I’ll call you back.

There is no cost and no obligation. Just honest and straightforward advice on the criteria for fostering and the difference you can make to young Mums and their babies lives when they need you most.

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