“Replying To The Ad ‘Could You Foster?’ Was The Best Decision We Ever Made!”

We had thought about fostering a child for years, and it never felt like it was the right time; then, all of a sudden, everywhere we looked, there were ads for fostering. We both looked at each other; I knew what was going through my husbands head; it was going through my mind too.

Maybe now was the right time? We thought hard about making the decision, however replying to the ad, Could you foster? It was the best decision we have ever made.

When someone once asked my husband and me why we are foster carers, what is it like? We were not sure where to start, to be honest.

My husband and I saw the ads for foster carers on the TV a few times and then saw them appearing on noticeboards and Social media. The question they were all asking stuck in our minds; Can you foster?

We took the first steps to foster and never looked back.

Again, one evening my husband and I watched the tv, and the ad with the question came back on; ‘Could you foster?‘ My husband and I looked at each other and replied, ‘yes, I think we could.’

And that was when we decided, and becoming a foster carer was by far the easiest and best decision we have ever made.

Together, we knew we had so much love to give, and we want to make a difference in a child’s life that needs our support. Consequently, we took the first steps together towards becoming foster carers, and we have never looked back.

My husband and I have now been fostering for over 14 years, and we have loved it. We both have an immense sense of achievement from being foster carers, and together, we have helped so many children to have a stable, safe and loving home for a while.

For our family and us, and the children we care for, this is so important.

We welcome the children into our hearts and our family.

Our family welcome all children with open arms into our hearts because they all become a part of us. Together, we are one big family unit where we receive the children; furthermore, we embrace each of the children uniquely into our hearts and lives.

Each time we talked about when we became foster carers, it makes us smile because fostering means the world to us. Our children are very proud of us, and with their help, they often make children settle, feel safe and welcome within our family unit.

We love to help a child feel safe.

Our family loves being able to care for children and helping them feel safe, and as a result, the feeling of being able to do this and allow children to achieve their best potential is so rewarding.

Furthermore, giving a child a sense of belonging within our family is rewarding; however, the most important thing is that we feel honoured to be trusted to care for someone else’s child for a while!

If I could sum up fostering in one or two words, it would be only this; An amazing opportunity!

Verve would like to thank our foster care friends who have put together this article to show what foster care means to them as people.

The love they have for caring for children is why they do what they do; it is not the agency or the foster care provider who is important to them. They do it because of their overwhelming love for children and giving them the opportunities they need, no matter how long they are required.

Ultimately, they and their families make a difference in children’s lives when children needed it the most.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a foster carer with Not for Profit fostering charities, please contact us on the following form.

It’s free, and there is no commitment, just impartial advice on the fostering process and the benefits of working together with a not-for-profit charity in your community. 

Can you foster?


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