SafeGuarden Volunteer; powerful digital identity with perpetual compliance.

SafeGuarden Volunteer champions digital identity protection with perpetual compliance to support the voluntary and Not for Profit sector. CDD Services innovative Spotlite technology plays a crucial role in this mission to ensure vulnerable individuals are safeguarded and compliance is upheld as volunteers access a simple, safe, and secure digital identity environment.

Spotlite achieves this by providing real-time verification of volunteer identities, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive data, and maintaining a log of all digital interactions for auditing purposes with perpetual compliance.

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Since COVID-19, volunteers have become more critical in our NHS, education, and care services. Many volunteers work with multiple organisations, and employers must verify each volunteer. However, not all systems provide perpetual compliance.

Spotlite is unique as it works alongside DBS to prevent fraud by verifying volunteer identities in real-time. The purpose is to prevent people who are not who they claim to be from taking advantage of vulnerable groups. Thus, this realisation came from collaboration and how SafeGuarden Volunteer was borne.

CDD Services and Verve Community CIC have joined forces to deliver Spotlite technology to the Not for Profit sector. Verve, operating from the Spinners Mill in Leigh, Greater Manchester, has recently transformed a former café into a 1920s tea room with a social purpose. This initiative is part of our shared commitment to providing a warm and safe environment for Spotlite DBS/RTW checks for volunteers whilst utilising perpetual compliance.

The Spinners Mill hosts more than sixty non-profit organisations and social enterprises, managed and operated by volunteers with professional backgrounds in the NHS, police, armed forces, and education, and have a shared vision for change. However, many are wary of digital technology especially regarding social media.

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Verve Community CIC understands that trust and empathy are crucial in volunteer recruitment. Many volunteers are private individuals with good hearts, but digital technology, especially social media, is viewed with mistrust.

Verve addresses this need for trust by providing a warm and safe environment for Spotlite DBS/RTW checks in the Spinners Tea Room, at the Spinners Mill in Leigh, Greater Manchester. The tea room has a 1920’s theme, providing a nod to the past when times were gentler over tea and cake. It was a challenge, but it creates a safe environment to reassure volunteers about digital identity. This is important because we need to make people feel valued for their willingness to make a difference in their communities.

SafeGuarden volunteers offer robust data protection within Spotlite’s framework. This protection extends to those who protect us, ensuring their valuable data is secure. Volunteers can upload and control access to their digital identity, including information that is currently not on file but relevant to them. This emphasis on data protection instils security and confidence in the services provided with perpetual compliance. 

The voluntary sector is the fourth sector of the community, and we rely heavily on the amazing people who dedicate their time volunteering. We must support their digital identity, protect our community with Spotlite and SafeGuarden Volunteer whilst creating positive social and community impact for the good.

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Verve Recruitment recruits foster carers and Armed Forces veterans for the not for profit sector. In the recruitment process, we know the importance of collating accurate digital data, and protecting digital identity throughout the recruitment process. It is vital we transfer data within a secure environment, unlike sharing information via WhatsApp and emails.  

Foster care recruitment within the not-for-profit sector is declining, mainly due to a need for more data transparency. Verve screens potential foster carers to protect vulnerable children, thus delivering private information via email are insufficient ways of protecting data from good-hearted individuals. 

We must protect their data within a framework that is robust, safer and eventually, when combined with cheaper DBS checks, reduces the timeframe from enquiry to approval significantly.

Working together, Verve and CDD have identified the need for more stringent control by individuals in some regions of care, such as for care leavers, armed forces veterans and other organisations. We recognise the importance, through research for digital technology, with Spotlite.

The next stage of the UK Digital Trust Framework is now released. It helps individuals share data and organisations reduce costs. However, the framework isn’t just about digital identity; it’s about fostering a collective vision of a better world.

Imagine a data economy where we control and own our data in our own personal data stores? When onboarding a new customer, employee or volunteer, organisations seamlessly accept and individual’s validated identity and verified credentials with just a tap on a smart device or a click online. Achieving this world isn’t just about adopting new standards; it’s about a fundamental shift in how we approach our work.

CDD Services are more than just advocates for compliance. They are catalysts for meaningful transformation and committed to seamlessly integrating new compliance practices into everyday workflows, much like how Apple designed intuitive devices that even a child can use. This requires embracing a different mindset to grow positive social impact.

CDD Services not only understands the unique goals and challenges facing the not-for-profit and charitable sectors; they also envision transformative change because they think differently. That’s why Verve Community CIC proudly partner with them within the Spinners Mill and the organisations they support; ultimately, it’s the change we all need.

Now, we seek others with a shared vision to move this into the marketplace, inspiring a wave of positive change.

If you are interested in sharing our collective vision, we warmly invite you to contact us on the form below. Alternatively, call in at the Spinners Tea Room because nothing makes the world more straightforward than a brew and a slice of homemade cake with those who care. Furthermore, your perspective and collaboration are critical in our shared vision because together, we are stronger.

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