Salford Food Parcels ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal’…can you help?

Salford Food Parcels have set up a ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal’.The effect of Coronavirus means there is now a lack of knitted clothes for many mums with newborn babies, mainly due to Charity shops being closed because of lockdown, which was once the source of clothes for families in poverty.

Verve and Salford Food Parcels supporting families in need…

Salford Food Parcels is a project that operates from the Emmanuel Church, Langworthy Road, Salford every Wednesday, providing emergency food parcels to families in need. The British Red Cross reference many asylum-seeking families; they also regularly offer support to local vulnerable people and their families in the community.

Yvonne Simms, who runs Salford Food Parcels, told me…’More people than ever before are using us; however, one thing that families are getting short of is knitted clothes for newborn babies.’

Knitting volunteers needed!

As a result, there is now a demand for knitted babies clothes such as jackets, cardigans, coats and baby blankets (36 inches) for babies aged 3-6 months. At the moment, we are in the throws of sunshine; however, once the cold days return, there will be a greater need to keep these babies and children warm.

Yvonne relies on donations and volunteers to keep Salford Food Parcels running, and she provides healthy and organic food. Ultimately, for Yvonne, giving children and families quality and wholesome food is vital.

Coronavirus making people isolated and vulnerable…

Many people are feeling isolated, and loneliness is creeping in. Subsequently, this is affecting the physical and mental health of many, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Isolation makes them feel they have no sense of purpose, and for many, it has resulted in them becoming ill through stress. Sadly, my mum recently suffered a mild stroke, which led to her becoming stressed and anxious; subsequently, depression kicked in. However, like many other people of her generation, she has refused to bow down, and she has brought the knitting needles out from retirement.

Knitting; make a ‘little something’ from a bit of wool!

Mum told me that she felt there was no point in knitting anymore because all the babies in the family have grown up. However, she knows of no better feeling than picking up a ‘ball of wool’ and making a little cardigan, hat or bootees. Subsequently, Mum now knits and finds that she can refocus on things other than Piers Morgan ranting every day!

The one thing that she does struggle with is finding knitting patterns! Mum said the knitting patterns she uses she has had since I was a little girl! (I’m 56). Therefore, if anyone has any spare knitting patterns they can donate, that would be wonderful too!

Communities are coming together stronger despite Coronavirus. People appear to be kinder and more supportive of each other; we have no choice, as we are all in the same situation and need each other now more than ever.

We have no way of knowing what life after COVID 19 will be like for each of us; however, we know nothing will be the same as before. Hopefully, we will be kinder and more compassionate and look out for each other more. Whatever the outcome, Salford Food Parcels will continue to care for vulnerable people and families in our local community.

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