Salford Veterans Breakfast Club and ‘The Ode to Christmas’

Salford Veterans Breakfast Club and ‘The Ode to Christmas’

Claremont, Weaste and Seedley Home watch Co-ordinators group- ‘Helping to keep Salford safe’ – held ‘The Ode to Christmas’ event at Buile Hill Park Hall, Salford. We decided to attend because we were fundraising for the Veterans Breakfast Club and to raise awareness of Verve recruitment, my business that recruits foster carers for Not for Profit Charities. We had been out fundraising throughout the year at various events, but this one was different; this event was on my home turf. This event was in Salford, where generations of my family have lived; it was indeed a memorable day.

The joy of a Christmas tombola for children.

Salford Veterans Breakfast Club CIC and Verve held a Christmas Tombola at the event, and we were offering festive prizes to raise funds for the Salford Veterans Xmas lunch. As usual, we aimed our prizes at the children as well as the adults. Subsequently, the joy witnessed on the faces of children who won Family packs of biscuits in the tombola was great! And we won’t mention the Xmas Selection boxes the children won, which probably didn’t make it under the tree! We had a fantastic day, the atmosphere was lovely, and we raised £170.00; thus, we had enough money for the Xmas meals and the hampers given out to vulnerable veterans in Salford. We did our job; we went home with a happy heart.

Salford Veterans Breakfast Club Xmas meal…

Salford Veterans Breakfast Club C.I.C. have hosted the Veterans Xmas lunch for four years. The Veterans Club Xmas event host at St Thomas’s Church (Pendleton Church) has supported them throughout the year. It is an occasion to bring together Veterans, their families and carers in festive comradeship and goodwill together. Good food, drink, companionship and outstanding entertainment are included free!

Outstanding entertainment by the Oldham Scottish Pipe Band…

Salford Veterans Breakfast Club Director, Claire Marie Street has organised for the Oldham Scottish Pipe Band to entertain the veterans. The Pipe band are now in their 93rd year and have played and supported events and parades throughout the UK.

We are sure that their unique entertainment will be enjoyed immensely by everyone. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time throughout the year to the Breakfast Club. You are very much appreciated and loved.

Thank you, Age UK Salford.

A huge thank you to Age UK Salford for assisting our own Derek Corfield on the day in getting his ramp for his wheelchair mended at home. Derek is a much-loved member of the Armed Forces community in Salford. On the day Derek was battling through the crowds in his wheelchair, he was intent on speaking with the ladies from Age UK in Salford. I could see him struggling because it was hectic,l so I gently suggested that if he tells me where he is going, I could get one of the ladies to come to him?

Derek moved to the safety of our stall and waited patiently; subsequently, when I went to the ladies of Age UK and asked if one of them could come over and help Derek, they did so immediately. These ladies were terrific, and just a few weeks later, Age UK fixed Derek’s ramp. Derek was free to travel again.

Thank you to the Music Shed in Eccles…

The entertainment for the event was provided by the children from the Music Shed in Eccles, who, I have to say, is incredible! These young people had excellent taste in music and were outstanding musicians and singers. They did themselves and everyone around them proud! I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing more from them in the future; well done! Thanks to their efforts, the whole day had a lovely atmosphere, and it was a credit to all the organisers that made the day happen.

Thank you to the Claremont, Weaste and Seedley Home watch group; you are amazing!

Claremont, Weaste and Seedley Home Watch Co-ordinates group were amazing. Thank you for organising this event and bringing everyone together. For more details of the organisation please visit
www.salford.gov.uk/claremont.htm or visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/claremontandweaste/

Thank you to everyone who has supported Salford Veterans Breakfast Club CIC and Verve Recruitment at our recruitment events this year.

Happy Christmas from all of us, and all the very best to you for 2020!

If you would like to find out more about what Verve do, or get involved, please contact us on the link below.

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