Verve Community ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal.’

Verve Community Campaigns launched the ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal’ due to the pandemic in our community. COVID-19 meant a lack of wool for many mums with newborn babies, mainly due to Charity shops being closed. These shops were once a source of clothes for many families already in poverty; once they closed, many families became vulnerable—especially families with either newborn or young babies.

Verve Community Campaigns and Salford Food Parcels, supporting families in need.

Salford Food Parcels is a project that operates from the Emmanuel Church, Langworthy Road, Salford, every Wednesday, providing emergency food parcels to families in need. The British Red Cross references many asylum-seeking families and supports vulnerable local people and their families in the community.

Yvonne Simms, who runs Salford Food Parcels, said, ‘More people than ever before are using us; however, one thing families are getting short of is knitted clothes for newborn babies.’ I asked Yvonne if she wanted a Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal blog. I was willing to get this message out because so many people in our communities are struggling; we needed to get the news out there. Hence, Verve’s Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal began.

Verve’s ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal’ – we need volunteers, please.

There is a growing demand for knitted baby clothes such as jackets, cardigans, coats, and baby blankets (36 inches) for babies aged 3-6 months. Now, we are in the throes of sunshine; however, once the chilly days return, there will be a greater need to keep these babies and children warm. We need people who will knit and crochet baby clothes, blankets and knitted toys to support local organisations that help families in need. All donations are sent directly to local Sure Start centres, Mother and Baby units and local hospitals; we donate to organisations that do not make money from them.

Knitted items donated to Tyldesley Sure Start centre recently from Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal.
Donations are given to Tyldesley Sure Start Centres from the Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal.

All donations from the Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal go direct to Mums.

Verve Recruitment CIC also donates knitted toys to children in foster care with the Not-for-Profit Charities we represent. Many children in care do not have much, and we know the power of a hug from a little knitted toy made with love can bring. Consequently, every child who goes to a foster home has a knitted toy in their welcome pack from the charity. Sometimes, the little things have the most significant effect, and to a child who may feel alone, lost, and in need of a hug, it is priceless.

Verve Community Campaigns support local charities with pride.

Verve Community Campaigns are a Not-for-Profit Foster Care Recruitment service. We recruit exclusively for the Not-for-Profit sector, and the Charities we support have worked together with families and vulnerable children in our communities for decades. Wherever possible, they support Mums and Babies to stay together with Parent and Child foster care, and most of their foster carers provide respite, emergency, and short-term foster care. The aim is to work with families and help them get a better future; sadly, austerity, cutbacks and COVID-19 have pushed many families into poverty. Sadly, poverty is one of the reasons for children being in care.

We are also Not for Profit and do not have grants. We are self-reliant and always will be. However, we use our profits to provide free-of-charge campaigns and advertising for many Not-for-Profit organisations to ensure that people can access help when needed. Furthermore, we are aware that now, more than ever, many people need to help others because life is more challenging than ever before, and wherever we can, we make a difference with a spare ball of wool.

verve community campaigns cover page with images from verves campaigns

The Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal prevent ladies from feeling isolated.

Many people are feeling isolated, and loneliness is creeping in. Isolation makes them think they have no sense of purpose, and for many, it has resulted in them becoming ill through stress. Subsequently, this has affected many people’s physical and mental health, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Sadly, my mum recently suffered a mild stroke, which made her stressed and anxious; subsequently, depression kicked in. However, like many ladies of her generation, she refused to bow; she brought the knitting needles out from retirement.

Knitting; make a ‘little something’ from a bit of wool!

Mum said there was ‘no point in knitting anymore because all the babies in the family have grown up.’ However, she knows no better feeling than picking up a ‘ball of wool’ and making a little cardigan, hat, or bootees. Subsequently, Mum now knits and finds that she can refocus on things other than Piers Morgan ranting daily!

The one thing that she does struggle with is finding knitting patterns! Mum said the knitting patterns she uses she has had since I was a little girl! (I’m 56). Therefore, if anyone has any spare knitting patterns they can donate, that would be wonderful! Communities are coming together stronger despite Coronavirus. People appear to be kinder and more supportive of each other; we have no choice, as we are all in the same situation and need each other now more than ever.

My Mum, Hilda Croston. Sadly, Mum passed away late last year; she came out of knitting retirement. RIP, Mum, you were amazing.

Life after COVID is hard. Can you help?

We have no way of knowing what life after COVID-19 will be like for each of us; however, we know nothing will be the same as before. Hopefully, we will be kinder and more compassionate and look out for each other more. Whatever the outcome, Salford Food Parcels will continue to care for vulnerable people and families in our local community.

Verve Community Campaigns recruits foster carers for not-for-profit charities to support vulnerable children and families. Sadly, over 68% of children in care are over ten years of age, and over half are boys. We need more foster carers who are interested in fostering teenagers. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer with a Not-for-Profit Charity, please get in touch, and I would be happy to arrange a call with you. Together, we are making a difference in many small ways in our communities.

If you want more information about Salford Food Parcels and Verve’s ‘Knitting Baby Clothes Appeal’, please fill in the contact form, and we will call you back. Together, we are stronger. Stay safe.

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