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Verve Recruitment-
The change-makers in foster care recruitment…

We are a recruitment agency to compliment the services of Local Authorities and Not for Profit Fostering Charities and agencies. We want to disrupt the current climate in foster care recruitment by increasing the number of foster carers with charities.

The purpose of this is to reduce the number of children placed in Independent Fostering Agencies; reducing the exorbitant fees they charge our local authorities. Ultimately, we want to see Local Authority budgets used for the purpose-designed; ultimately giving high-quality care for vulnerable children and families.

We aim to find exceptional people with experience and skills in caring for children. To do this, we create engaging campaigns that don’t reflect ‘a false illusion’ of fostering as a profession; we concentrate on the reality of fostering with a Not for Profit Charity. However, we also know that foster care is not a bums in beds operation. It is about providing high-quality care to vulnerable children; Also, we are NOT a fostering agency, and we don’t make money from children in care.

We find the right people for the right fostering charities and agencies because, ultimately, it is all about the matching.

Children in care do not need a bed; they need a home.

The aim of creating ‘engaging recruitment campaigns’ is to inspire future foster carers who have experience in caring for children to come forward.

Sadly, it’s no longer about having a bed in a home for many vulnerable children in care. It’s about children having stability in a safe home, with foster carers who won’t give up on them; no matter how much they will push your buttons.

Verve also does not believe in rushing the Recruitment process. We take our time because we know how important it is to have a professional relationship with your agency. Subsequently, this takes time. The Not for Profit’s we work with does not approve foster carers with speed. After all, would you place your child in the care of someone you have only known for 14 weeks? I know I wouldn’t.

Verve fostering recruitment; screening in candidates; not screening out!

On average, the timescale for Foster carer approval is 6- 8 months; however, we will expect delays because of the pandemic. Also, at Verve, we screen in rather than out.

When we speak with you, we look at your motivation for fostering and your experiences in caring for children. At no time will we ever screen you out; I mean, that would be silly; because we would probably screen out a fantastic foster carer. We would leave that to the Charities; although to be fair, that very rarely happens.

Not for Profit Charities like using Verve too!

We have good relationships with many Not for Profit Charities, and this is one reason why!

‘We like using Verve because you not only create engaging campaigns; you do screening calls in the evenings and weekends. As a result, you give us precise information about the potential foster carer before speaking to them. Ultimately, this information gives us a clearer idea of what they are looking for as a foster carer; and for us to decide on a home visit, with a focus to move forward.’ Caritas Care

Verve, taking time to recruit Outstanding foster carers.

Not for Profit charities offer consistent training and support.

The fostering recruitment process is structured and never rushed because you must have vital training and support. Subsequently, relationships take time, and your support begins from the first introduction to the charity. Ultimately, your support is given to you consistently, with often the Social Worker assigned to you when you first apply.

‘Not for Profit Charities’ are also unique; they invest every penny profit back into the support services they give to children and their foster carers.

Charities need foster carers who know what they need to do to help vulnerable children. However, to do this, they need support. To achieve the high standard they are renowned for; we know will take time. Often though, your decision to become a foster carer took time, often years to make. You waited for the right time; So why rush?

If we take our time, children’s placements are more likely to be successful. Sadly, every time a child has a broken foster home, they lose faith and trust in people; not surprisingly, children get used to being let down. These children deserve better; thus, it is why Verve does things differently.

Verve, giving you a clearer idea of the criteria on fostering.

I have spoken to many people who once were interested in fostering; however, they became disheartened after speaking with some agencies and didn’t continue. Firstly, they were told ‘Children who are likely to display ‘challenging behaviour, are mostly available, and they tend to be older, with more complex needs.’ Secondly, they ‘felt judged.’

Entirely how this is supposed to help people decide to become foster carers is hard to understand; not surprisingly, they gave up.

Thirdly, and most important of all, children in care need to get their voices heard; however, how do they do this if the people they need to do it for them are not heard either?

If you want to find out more about becoming a foster carer, get in touch…

Verve offers impartial advice on the fostering role, the process of becoming a foster carer and the requirements for Foster carers that charities in your community need. We have extensive experience in the Fostering industry from recruitment within the Independent Fostering industry, expertise in working with children in care and finally, being in the care system ourselves.

If you have experience caring for vulnerable children, patience, time and a sense of humour, please do get in touch. There’s no obligation, no fees, just honest and impartial advice for you to decide whether fostering is the right choice for you?

Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of children in care.

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