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Verve Recruitment Limited – Recruiting foster carers and Armed Forces Veterans to support the Not- for-Profit sector since 2018.

Verve Recruitment Limited was founded in 2018 after I left my job in foster care recruitment for a large IFA.

The reason I wanted to recruit foster carers for the Not-for-Profit sector is because I strongly oppose the idea of profiting from vulnerable children. 

Collaborating with Not for Profit charities who understood my mission was a true blessing.

They gave me an opportunity; I didn’t disappoint them despite the challenges of recruitment and a global pandemic…

Collaboration works best when it’s built on trust…

Caritas Care

Rebecca Hughes, Fostering Manager for Caritas Care, gave me my break through. I was grateful for her trust in me. It was never taken for granted and I recruited foster carers who now provide invaluable support to siblings and older children and I also wrote their #FacesofFostering campaign.

Foster Care Co-Operative

Many Veterans are amazing foster carers and my LGBT campaigns resulted in foster parents for siblings, too. Working together, within the communities in which we belong, we collaborated. 

Team Fostering

Thanks to Team Fostering, I began recruiting in the North East. There is a huge demand for foster carers in this area. Now, we have more incredible foster carers whose care include respite care and supporting asylum-seeking children.

My goal was to identify the types of foster care needed to keep children in their communities. Once I had this, I created campaigns.

The campaigns brought enquiries, and I set about screening potential foster carers to ensure they met the criteria for foster care.

When they did, I handed them over and arranged contact for home visits…

Charity Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our partners say:

Val has been supporting us with recruiting new foster carers at Caritas Care for the last five years; her support has been much valued. Some of the enquirers referred by Val are now approved foster carers. They are a much-welcomed addition to the Caritas Care family, providing an outstanding job caring for children.

Val has also prepared case studies for us of existing foster carers, staff, and a care leaver to be used for marketing our agency. Val does an excellent job of this, ensuring the individuals feel their voice is heard.

The #facesoffostering campaign has been one of our most successful campaigns to date; we are incredibly grateful for Val’s significant contribution.

caritas Care logo
Rebecca Hughes

Caritas Care

Val is extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I have found Val always makes time for people and really wants to find an agency that is the right fit for the prospective foster carer she is speaking to. Val goes the extra mile wants to ensure vulnerable children are matched with the right home. I have really enjoyed working with Val over the last year, and I’m sure this will continue to be the case for a long time.

Louise Thwaites

Team Fostering

‘When we receive an enquiry from Verve, they are detailed and give us a good understanding of the desires and experience of the applicants. I get a real sense that we are all working towards the same goal.’

‘Val listens to our needs as an agency and shows a good understanding of the independent fostering sector. She is knowledgeable and friendly, which makes working with her a positive experience.’

Helen Underwood

The Foster Care C0-0perative

Foster carer Testimonials

Again, don’t take our word for it – here’s what our foster carers say:

Having fostered young people previously said part of a couple, I knew it’s what I did. And needed to again, but as a single parent, I also knew what I wanted from a fostering agency and what I didn’t. I contacted Verve, and I discussed things, and Val recommended a charity-based agency. After a lot of hurdles, I finally got approved again. Not all agencies are the same, and it’s about finding the one most suitable for you and your needs, which Val at Verve has done xxx

Joanne Mills

My husband and I initially spoke to Val at the beginning of the year and it went from there. We’re nearing the end of our fostering application which has been a very smooth process from start to finish which is down to Val for steering us in the right direction and putting us in touch with a fostering agency which suits us perfectly. I highly recommend Verve Recruitment as they listen which is key. Val also made us feel at ease which can’t be underestimated.


Verve recruitment agency is an incredibly supportive service for carers! It was the start of our fostering journey, and Verve provided us with invaluable advice and guidance about fostering agencies out there. We haven’t looked back since!

Because of Verve, we were able to choose a non-profit fostering agency, Caritas Care, and this has been the best decision we could have made.

Sobia & Akmal

Verve Recruitment Limited

Verve are dedicated to recruiting foster carers & Veterans to support children & young people in our communities.

Forest School Learning

Verve Recruitment successfully recruited candidates on behalf of Social Adventures recently for their Level 2 Forest School training courses.

Social Adventures are keen to work with Armed Forces Veterans to work with pre-school children learn in the outdoors.

As a qualified pre-school teacher, I have expertise in Highscope learning. Supporting children’s outdoor education is something I believe in, and I know the benefit veterans can bring…

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Together, we will continue to make a difference in children’s lives for as long as they need us. 

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