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Emma is a single Foster Carer with Caritas Care, a ‘Not for Profit’ Fostering charity based in Lancashire. Emma had been thinking about becoming a foster carer for a while. She was serious in her commitment to children in care, but; like many people thinking about fostering, she had a whole load of questions she needed answers to. Emma took her time and spoke with many Fostering agencies and organisations until, at last, she found the one. It was worth the wait; Emma chose Caritas Care, and consequently, Emma began her journey to realise her dream to become a foster carer.

Emma’s fostering journey with Caritas Care.

‘It took a while for me to decide to become a foster carer. Caritas Care talked it through with me at length, and I took my time. With their support, I knew I could thrive and provide love and stability to children; thus, I decided to ‘Go for it!’

I did consider other agencies and my Local Authority while I was making my decision; however, Caritas Care was a charity with a smaller and family feel. I also knew the support I needed for myself as a foster carer and a single person would be essential; equally, the support I needed to help the children I would ultimately care for would be there too.

Initially, it would be better if I waited until I was married and had a family. Then I would become a Foster carer or applied to adopt a child? However, I am single, I have my job as an Occupational Therapist, and I began to think to myself, when was it a good time?

I knew when the time was right to start my fostering journey.

I have space in my life, and I felt I could provide love and stability to children, so I thought to myself, ‘I’m just going to have to go for it! The recruitment process has taken about six months with the assessment included, and I felt at ease throughout it all.’

‘I had the same Social Worker who regularly came round to see me. Consequently, I felt it was like I was having a very long conversation about my life story.’ ‘My first placement had three children who came to stay with me. The eldest child was 14, the middle one was 7, and the youngest child was 5. The children were neglected in several ways; their family had loved them, but they hadn’t met their needs.’

My lifestyle was different to what they had come from…’When they first came, it was a massive difference from what the lifestyle the children had before. The children had never had routines or boundaries in place; this was a lot of changes for them. The children didn’t realise that they needed changes; however, after putting these changes in place, I could tell that they appreciated them being there!

They knew that I was there for them, no matter what, and I would always be there for them!

‘The eldest child was with me for about seven months, while the youngest two were with me for nine months. It was amazing to see the change in them while they were here. The children were very sociable, and they loved going to the groups; they even loved coming to church with me! They just loved going out and being around people.’

With Caritas Care, I knew we could make a difference in Children’s lives together.

‘People think if you are single or follow a particular faith, then you are unable to Foster. Another consideration was that I am a Christian, and I have not had children of my own. Would I have the skills to do it? Caritas reassured me that this was not going to be an issue for me.’

‘It is a matter of having a spare bedroom and being able to provide a loving home, together with consistent care and stability for the children. To me, children must stay together. Staying together made a massive difference to the children that came into my care with settling in. The children had each other; they came from the same place; they had the same background with a bond in place already.’

‘I am really excited to meet whoever is going to be coming here next!’      

Emma, Proud Foster carer with Caritas Care Preston

Verve proudly recruits foster carers for Caritas Care…

Verve Recruitment recruits foster carers for Not for Profit Charities, and we are proud to support Caritas Care in Preston. There are not many charities out there who can confidently let their foster carers do the talking for them, but Caritas can. As a result, the pride that their foster carers have towards Caritas Care speaks volumes about them as a charity, which Caritas Care works tirelessly to achieve.

If you want to be more like Emma and foster children in care with Caritas Care, get in touch today https://www.caritascare.org.uk/. Fill in the contact form below or give Caritas Care a call on 0800 652 6955. We would be delighted to chat and provide you with information about fostering with Caritas Care.

Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of children in care.

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