Verve Recruitment; The change-makers in foster care recruitment.

Verve Recruitment is a recruitment agency to compliment Local Authorities’ services and Not for Profit Fostering Charities.

We are change-makers in foster carer recruitment and are looking to disrupt the current climate in foster care recruitment by increasing the number of foster carers with Not for Profit Charities.

Verve; creating engaging campaigns to recruit outstanding people.

We aim to find exceptional people with experience and skills in caring for children. To achieve this, we need to create engaging recruitment campaigns that don’t reflect ‘a false illusion’ of fostering as a profession.

Our campaign designs focus on the reality of fostering; there are children in care waiting for homes, but it’s not a ‘bums in beds’ operation.

Children don’t need that; they need foster carers who can make a difference in their lives with real motivation and desire for change.

The ad said, ‘Could you foster; and we said yes, we could.’

And, actually, it did because we now have four more fostering families approved with Not for Profit charities that responded to this ad!

We are not a fostering agency, and we don’t make money from children in care. What we do is find the right people for the right charities and agencies. Ultimately, these people will make a vast difference in children and young people’s lives as excellent foster carers.

Children in care do not need a bed; they need a home.

I create ‘engaging recruitment campaigns’ to inspire future foster carers who care for children to come forward.

Foster care is not about having a bed in a home for children; it’s about children having stability and love in a home with foster carers who won’t give up on them, no matter how much they push your buttons.

Verve does not believe in rushing the Recruitment process; we take our time to create a professional relationship with the charities we represent and with you, our potential foster carers.

How can you place a child with a foster family you may have known for a few months; for example, some agencies approve foster carers in 14 weeks! I don’t know about you; I wouldn’t want vulnerable children placed with someone you’ve known for such a short period.

The average timescale for Foster carers to become approved is 6- 8 months; however, delays are often expected, especially with COVID19.

Verve fostering recruitment; screening in candidates; not screening out!

‘We like using Verve because you not only create campaigns, but you complete a thorough screening call in the evenings and weekends. As a result, you give us precise and exact information about the potential foster carer before speaking to them. Ultimately, this information enables us to have a clearer idea of what they are looking for as a foster carer; and for us to decide on a home visit quicker with a focus to move ahead’.

Caritas Care

The fostering recruitment process is structured and never, ever rushed. All Foster carers must have access to the vital training and support they need on a 24/7 basis.

This support begins from the first introduction to the charity and continues throughout your fostering journey with the same social worker assigned to you.

Verve understands the need for consistency of support and relationships built on trust, with partnerships where your ‘skills and experience’ is respected and valued.

Verve works with you to determine what you are looking for from Fostering, to establish your skills and motivation, and refer you with a ‘Not for Profit Charity’ that we feel reflects you.

Children need foster carers with experience in caring for them.

Charities need to recruit foster carers with experience to support vulnerable children, and in turn, they give you outstanding support to achieve this.

However, achieving this standard takes time; your decision to become a foster carer took time; often, people take years to apply. Did you wait for the right time? You probably did, so why rush?

There are so many types of foster care to decide from; they range from short term, long term, emergency care, respite care, Parent & Child, sibling foster care; there is so much information to find out, and subsequently, this is the advice we offer.

We give you clarity on types of fostering and the difference they make to children, and which type you feel best reflects you, your family and your experience in caring for children.

Verve; taking time to get it right.

If we take our time, then it is likely that children’s placements will be successful. Taking our time is vital; every time a child has a ‘broken placement’ with foster carers, they lose faith and trust in people.

Sadly, many children in care are let down continuously, and sadly, they rely on us to get it right. These children deserve better.

Verve does things differently; we recruit differently.

Verve offers impartial advice on the fostering role, the process of becoming a foster carer and the criteria for Foster carers that charities need.

We have extensive experience in the Fostering industry, from recruitment within the Independent Fostering industry, working with children in care and being in the care system ourselves.

Verve is the change-makers of Foster care recruitment; we listen to what people want; we understand the limitations of foster care recruitment challenges. Subsequently, we have adapted our system to meet those challenges.

Verve Recruitment; on a mission for change.

Picture of a little girl with her headphones and listening to music.

I have chatted with people who had been interested in fostering but had become ‘disheartened’ and didn’t continue. Firstly, some of the agencies they spoke to said there was ‘only older children available who are likely to display challenging behaviour.’

Secondly, they said they ‘felt judged.’ This attitude is not helpful to people thinking about fostering children; not surprisingly, they gave up.

Thirdly, and more importantly, children in care need to get their voices heard; however, how can they do this if the people who would do this most effectively for them can’t get heard either?’

Val Hogan. Owner of Verve Recruitment

Can you foster?

Make today unique for the right reasons, start your journey into becoming a foster carer with a Not for Profit Charity!

If you have experience caring for children, have patience, time and a sense of humour, please do get in touch. Fostering is a challenge, but it is worth it when you have the right support, and this is what charities excel in.

Please, send me your details in the form below, and I will get back to you…

Together, we can all make a difference in vulnerable children’s lives in care.


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